Stars who can not wear skirts: photo

A skirt is a seemingly simple piece of clothing with which it is easy to combine any other things. However, this is not at all the case, and the images of some celebrities are clear proof of this.

Stars often make mistakes when choosing dresses not only for the red carpet, but also for everyday life. Fortunately for us, we can always learn from the mistakes of celebrities so as not to commit them ourselves. So, how should you not wear a skirt and what combinations should be avoided so as not to fall into the dirt on your face?

Incorrect length. Too short or not long mini skirt can make disharmony in the silhouette and make it squat and ridiculous. Examples can be seen, for example, in Kate Bosworth or Katie Holmes outfits. Ugly proportions emphasizes the wrong shoes. In the case of Kate, ankle boots were shortened, and in the case of Katie, shoes on a flat course emphasized imperfect knees.

Low waistline. Another enemy of beauty, elegance and harmonious proportions.The fit of the skirt, and of any other item of clothing, should always be medium or high, but by no means low. Such a skirt visually pulls the torso and turns the legs into two stubs. Do not believe? Take a look at the outfits of Elsa Pataki, Jennifer Garner and Victoria Beckham!

The distortion of the figure. In addition, any shape is contraindicated too lush silhouettes, turning into a kind of "woman on samovar", asymmetrical models, as well as skirts on a narrow elastic band, forcing the waist to literally disappear into oblivion.

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