Stainless steel sinks for the kitchen

Stainless steel sinks for the kitchenIn the online store "Moyki-bt" you can buy various products and units for the kitchen, as well as stainless steel sinks at a very affordable price. Here you can find not only sinks from steel, but also from brass, copper, ceramics, granite and other materials.

Of course, the most popular are stainless steel sinks. There are 2 main types of them;

  • polished;
  • matte.

The first ones are quite attractive from an aesthetic point of view, since they have a mirror surface and shine (they seem to be shining). But they have some drawbacks. For example, they can be easily scratched; getting too hot or too cold water on the surface can also damage the surface of the sink. In general, if there are 1-2 people living in an apartment, then this option will work, and if it is more, it is better to prefer matte. It is not so beautiful, but the surface will not scratch, and such a wash will last much longer (by the way, it is several times smaller).

Some people prefer to install sinks of the so-called blued steel, which has a reduced carbon content, which makes it extremely durable (depending on the carbon content, the color of the steel can vary greatly). The link you can go to the website of the described store “Moyki-bt” and get acquainted with an extensive range of car washes, including the famous Italian sinks BLANCO. The prices there are quite affordable, and the quality is the highest.

According to the form of the frame, the inserts can be embedded and overlaid. Mortise need to buy only if you know in advance the parameters of the furniture (stand under the sink), otherwise then you may experience some difficulties with installation. Overhead, as the name implies, simply superimposed on the work surface. There are no big functional differences between them, so what better to buy is to choose the buyer himself.

Granite sinks are also in demand, which are good in terms of both aesthetics and durability. Sometimes there are cases that people before buying specify: a granite sink exactly will not rust? Such a question can cause managers only a smile: a granite sink a priori can not rust. Never under any circumstances.All types of listed sinks can be purchased at the online store "Moyki-bt". Have a nice shopping!

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