Spin into asana, as in that chic photo: do you need it?

Respect your limits

The body we received at birth is a gift from the gods and genetics. But to argue with Mother Nature is at least a futile exercise. You can be infinitely embossed, it is cool to play muscles on the camera and to master half-marathons, but this does not guarantee that you are flexible. Therefore, having realized at the first yoga class that it is necessary to get your hands to the floor - this is hellish work that is incomparable with watch cardio. The simplest slope will immediately show who has a dance or gymnastic past in the hall, who has everything in the family is wooden, and who has just been lucky since birth. Do not rush yourself and your body. Give yourself time to enter new states, previously unknown postures, to feel not only tension in them, but also relaxation, a special high. Enjoy the limit to which the body lets you in today. And remember: tomorrow will be better, more flexible and softer.

Decide on purpose and deadline

Put your hand on your heart and honestly admit: why did you give up this Ashtavakrasana, eka pada shirshasana and kaundiniasana? What will fundamentally change in your life if you stand on your head or turn into a bagel in record time? If your answers: "Shock the former", "I'll respect myself more" or something like "Everyone knows how I am worse?" - then, go ahead, of course. Only lay down to mastering asanas "from scratch" decent timing. Balance asanas, or asanas of high complexity, are preceded by supplying asanas and a trivialized body in all planes. Remember that everything is very individual. And you can go out into the pose of the crane in the first lesson, and you can drag along to it for years, training the slope, overcoming the fear of falling to the floor and other steps on the way to mastering the wisdoms of yoga.

Spin into asana, as in that chic photo: do you need it?

Spin into asana, as in that chic photo: do you need it?

By the way, the position “I see a goal, I do not see obstacles” also takes place. Sometimes stubborn pupils say: "I'll stand on my head in half a year of regular practice and do not blink an eye". And yes, they do it. And much earlier.

Create an intention and forget about it.

Decided on the goal - and all, release into the Universe. There you know exactly how and when to reach it. Just do your job.Plow on the rug, do not skip the practice, repeat what you learned in a group lesson at home. According to psychologists, it is necessary to withdraw the focus of attention from an important event for you. You stop looping on it. Believe me, the day will come, and you will forget about what you want, and pose - once, and it will work out. Simply and easily.


As the yoga teacher and the Krishnamacharya yoga therapist later said to his no less eminent pupil B. S. S. Iyengar: “The most difficult thing in yoga is spreading a rug.” Spreading - yes, and yet not only. It is important to form a new habit. You will understand that the body has lost resistance when you begin to look forward to the next yoga class, to share success with your loved ones, to notice your own progress. Just go crazy about what you do in your life, praise yourself for success, respect for work.

Spin into asana, as in that chic photo: do you need it?

Spin into asana, as in that chic photo: do you need it?

Last but not least

As the British say: "The last in the list, but not in importance." Forget about envy and imitation as the most destructive feelings that Instagram can graft. Yoga is not a fight, not a competition, not a competition for superiority and a race for medals. Yoga is abouthow to learn to collaborate with your own body, hear it, recognize the signals of pain and endorphin buzz, negotiate with it, treat it with care and endlessly thank even for the smallest successes and progress. We do not have to match any picture. And if during regular practice you manage not only to repeat the asana, as in that gorgeous photo, and even exceed your plan, creatively approaching the process, just remember this short phrase: "Practice, and everything will come." This is the answer to many life questions at all times.

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