Souvenir Boots

boot souvenir
Such a boot in children is associated with a fairy tale and a miracle. Therefore, the child will be happy to set aside all her children's affairs in order to make the same beautiful and slightly magical footwear with her mother. And for this you need to prepare: • thick cardboard;• colored paper; • scissors; • glue; • • simple pencil; • • beautiful ribbon. Take a double sheet of red paper.
double sheet of paper
Draw on it the contour of the boot, which you can have sharp-nosed and with a rounded nose m and even with a heel!
 boot contour
Carefully cut. You will have two identical parts.
 Gently cut
If the paper is thin, they should be pasted onto cardboard.
 paste on cardboard
Make sure you don’t have blanks on one side.
 on one side
Cut out the edge for the boot.To do this, take a white cardboard, attach it to the top edge of the part so that there is an allowance for bonding. Draw the top part of the boot, rounding the corners.
 Cut the Edge
Cut along the marked lines. Glue them on top of the red blanks, making a 1 cm stitch. Make sure that the details were completely symmetrical. Let the glue dry.
Glue both boots together between each other and the bottom with a centimeter "seam", leaving the top open. Put the boot on a piece of shiny paper and circle the bottom of the boot .
merge together
 circle the bottom of the boot
This will be the sole.
leaving the top open
Find out two details.
Glue to the shoes on both sides.
Glue to the shoes
From a white paper, cut a snowflake or any pattern.To do this, fold the paper circle into four layers. Fold in half again. And cut the pattern. Deploy. Glue to the boot. Grease the upper inner corner with glue and glue the ribbon with an eyelet.
 boot souvenir

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