Sorry the guy is beautiful

An altercation with a young man can take a long time out of balance, especially if a man is not indulgent. And yet you need to follow a special tactic to achieve forgiveness as soon as possible.
Pardon the guy
Pardon the guy
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Simple and effective ways to ask for forgiveness.

The most effective, though the least original way to make up is a simple conversation. Let your boyfriend talk, let him express all his complaints, let him know what makes him dissatisfied. Of course, it will be very unpleasant to listen to all this, but you will be able to understand what needs to be corrected and how best to ask for forgiveness.

Having expressed all offense, the man can calm down and forgive. The main thing is not to take what he said too close to his heart and not take offense at him in response. For the sake of a good relationship, it's better to endure a few reproaches for your address.

A more beautiful and unexpected way to ask for forgiveness will be to seek help from the friends of the guy. Even if a young man does not answer your calls, he is most likely in touch with his friends.Agree with them to send him at the appointed time SMS, which will contain the text of the apology "Forgive her!". Here you can add other phrases, for example, that you are very sorry and you are ready to atone for your fault. In addition, friends can give signs to the guy in various ways so that he can forgive you or listen, for example, by signaling car horns under the windows of his house.

Unusual and colorful performance

Try to write under his windows a request for the beloved to forgive you. Such confessions are most often written by boys for girls, and your young man may be surprised and appreciate such an unusual act on your part.

Call the radio station that the man most often listens to and live very delicately ask for forgiveness. Order a romantic song with which he has a lot of memories. It will surely melt his heart.

In honor of reconciliation give a young man a delicate gift. It is better if it is made with your own hands, for example, a beautiful greeting card, a big cake with a touching inscription, etc.

Even if the guy does not forgive you right away, he will be very touched, and soon you will be able to hear from him the cherished words.

If you quarreled over your fault, think about why this happened, what exactly the guy offended. Often words alone may not be enough for the guy to sincerely forgive you. Change yourself and try your actions to show the young man that you will no longer make mistakes, but better - do something that you have not done before, but he was waiting for you very much. For example, love football (at least for the view) and go with a guy for a match. Be interested more often, how are things at his work, etc. This is really a beautiful and correct way to apologize to your dear person.

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