Snowflake flashlight and star - Christmas decorations

On the eve of the New Year, people spend a lot of money on Christmas tree decorations and decorations for the interior of the room. But you can refuse to buy them at all, because jewelry and toys are easy to do with your own hands. And the children will help you with joy, just give them an idea. You will need colored paper, PVA glue, scissors, a little assiduity, accuracy, patience and, of course, creative activity. I propose to make together with the child a snowflake flashlight and a star. Snowflake flashlight Take 5 sheets of colored paper and make them square. Then bend them diagonally, connecting the upper left corner with the lower right corner. It turns out a triangle. Bend again. Now, starting from the place of the fold, make 5 cuts with scissors, but do not cut the sheet completely. When everything is ready, you need to expand the sheet and glue the strips through one.Here you should be careful not to glue two strips together.
 Snowflake flashlight and star - Christmas decorations
When on one side everything is glued together, turn over sheet and glue the remaining strips to the other side. It turns out a small flashlight.
Snowflake-flashlight and star - Christmas decorations
In the same way, perform actions with the other sheets.
Snowflake torch and star - New Year's decorations
When all the lanterns are ready, put them together in a large snowflake. The flashlights should glue the tops and the right and left ends with each other. Glue the loop. The snowflake flashlight is ready.
Snowflake-flashlight and star - Christmas decorations
Star For her need 5 sheets of colored paper. Each piece of paper must be made in the style of origami "Ship". Snowflake flashlight and star - New Year's decorations
Then glue the "noses" between them so that they make a star. Add a loop and decoration is ready.
Snowflake flashlight and star - Christmas decorations
The star has a small feature. It can be made large, if the components add a second, third or fourth row. Create with the children, thereby you contribute to the development of their thinking, motor skills. In addition, you do not have to spend money on Christmas decoration.

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