Tilde Snail with your own hands

Recently, toys in the style of a Tilda doll are quite popular. Their range is very diverse. They differ from ordinary toys in their face. On the face they have only small dots and pink blush on their cheeks. Therefore, you can sew a snail Tilda with your own hands.
Do-it-yourself Tilde snail
This will require a piece of bedding fabric and a piece of any bright fabric. Still need to be sintepon for stuffing toys. To begin, draw a pattern, you can come up with it yourself or take it from the Internet. The snail consists of the body and the house. We outline the pattern on the fabric folded in half. Then we cut, leaving small allowances. Sew on the lines. On the body of the cochlea, at the top, leave a non-stitched hole about five centimeters in length. We twist the sewn parts. Then you need to tightly fill the details with padding polyester. Now we sew a hole on the body of the snail. Do not worry if the seam is not neat because there will be a small house on top.
> Do-it-yourself Tilde snailDo-it-yourself Tilde snailDo-it-yourself Tilde snailDo-it-yourself Tilde snail
To sew a shell you need to bend inside its edge and gradually sew around the circle. For convenience, you can pin the shell to the body with needles so that it does not slip. In order to make a face, take a black and red felt-tip pen. We draw eyes, and then we slightly shade with a red felt-tip pen on our cheeks to make it look like a blush. It remains to slightly decorate our snail. To hide the seam, you can sew on the tape, or lace, or glue with hot glue. You can also sew a bow or sequins. Toy Tilda snail will be a good gift for people close to you.

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