Minor repairs of felted things

There are some things that are out of fashion. You get used to them, they become loved. It is sad when their period of socks ends prematurely. Workshops that are engaged in minor repairs of clothing can quickly replace a broken snake, carefully sew up a torn jacket, and skillfully disguise any gap. Many needlewomen do this work themselves. For those who are not familiar with the technique of restoring felted things, this master class will be useful. You will need a felting needle, foam sponge, air-pimple oilcloth, olive soap, non-spun wool. The color of the coat should correspond to the base color of the product to be repaired. You can purchase all these materials in handicraft shops. As an example, we will try to restore the torn mitten.
 restore the torn mitten
restore a torn mitten
Wool fibers are taken in such quantity that one could form a felted patch.
form a felted patch

Wool is laid on a foam sponge. A needle for felting repeatedly pierced over the entire surface.
 Wool fit
The result is a blank that closes the hole.
 it turns out the blank
Latka is applied to the damaged area and slightly clings to the felting needle. For this, a product is pierced through and a patch along the edge of the joint.
 The latka is applied
Foam rubber must be put inside the mitten to continue the work. If a hole is formed on your finger, you will have to cut a small piece of foam rubber to fill them with a place for your finger.
 foam should be put
The method of dry felting is based onthat the wool fibers catch on each other with a certain touch. There is a special serif on the needle for felting, with the help of which the hairs move, catching. The more needle punctures, the more securely the patch is fixed.
 latka is more securely fastened
When latka is held firmly on the product, it should be moistened and lathered. Olive soap is best for this job.
 need to moisten and soap
need to moisten and soap
After this, the patched part is rubbed on the air-puffy oilcloth. Movement is made up and down alternately. After some time, the junction with the patch will become imperceptible, and the patch itself will firmly seal. It remains to rinse and dry.
 Minor repairs of felted things
 Minor repair of felted things
Minor repair of the product does not take a lot of time, but it saves and extends the life of your favorite things.

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