Small hallways - cozy interior

Basics of interior design of a small hallway

Equipping the hallway in a small apartment, you must first take care of the choice of finishing materials. Pay special attention to their color and texture. In this case, bright and dark tones will be inappropriate: they will make the room less visually. It should also be noted that there are no windows in the hallway, which means that a dark tone can make it dark.Choosing white is not the best idea because it requires large spaces. It would be better if you give preference to light muted tones - creamy, pale blue, light sandy, straw, golden.
Brilliant surfaces visually expand the room, and this can be used in the design of the hallway. Just do not get carried away: it will be enough light gloss. Matte surfaces with a rough texture complicate the creation of a cozy interior in a small room, so in this case they are unlikely to fit.If you chose a wall covering with a pattern, give preference to small or dim ornament.
To choose suitable finishing materials it was easier, look at photos of ready-made designs of small hallways. Of course, you should not copy the work of professionals, but it makes sense to pay attention to interesting ideas and use some of them.
Be sure to pay attention to the lighting. It is desirable that it was a point, and not general. In order for the interior to be quite comfortable and attractive, you need to arrange the lamps evenly. Dark corners spoil the design of the hallway.

Convenient arrangement of furniture in the hallway

To the interior of the hallway was cozy, stylish and at the same time functional, you need to take care of the correct selection and placement of furniture. For a start, it is worthwhile to abandon large structures that take up a lot of space. Instead of a large closet, you can install open hangers. Another option is to choose a shallow, but high construction with spacious mezzanines.Use cabinets wisely. The upper part of them can be filled with rarely used things - for example, seasonal wardrobe items, suitcases, etc.
The interior will be cozier if you correctly perform functional zoning.

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