Small breasts: how to increase shape

Exercise to promote the development of chest muscles. These include various types of push-ups, benches with and without weight, as well as hand work, which entails work and the pectoral muscles. Many paid and free techniques that promise a guaranteed one hundred percent result, just offer a set of exercises for the chest muscles. The main thing is that there will be no harm from such activities. Even if in 2-3 months of daily workouts you do not get a dream bust, then at least strengthen your muscles. And this will allow to keep its tone and shape longer.
Pills and ointments for breast augmentation look attractive as a commercial product. Is it bad: I drank a capsule (sprayed cream) - I grew piles. And no complicated training, no scary surgeon's tools. True, no one will guarantee that you are swallowing something really safe for the body. The fact that causes the growth of the breast, and not any tumor. Take these drugs or not - choose for yourself.But many women who used such remedies were either then treated for complications, or received a short-term result that disappeared after stopping the drug.
If you think that only non-traditional medicine can solve all the problems of a person, you can try the popular recipes. Infusion on hop cones, eating raw dough or cabbage, warming compresses (as well as mustard plasters and iodine nets) - in the arsenal of folk remedies there are many interesting ways to increase breast. Before adopting this or that method, assess the degree of risk, side effects, undesirable consequences, the possibility of allergic reactions. And only then decide whether you try to resort to folk remedies or not.
If you need a guaranteed result that will last for many years, contact the clinic of plastic surgery. Every year implants are becoming more and more qualitative, the operation technique has been brought to near perfection, and surgeons have “filled their hands” long ago, because they have to perform breast augmentation operations quite often.True, the cost of such an operation is still high, and the final result can only be assessed in a few months.

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