Slimming tea: safe or harmful

Doctors are unanimous: slimming teas are unsafe for health. They do not reduce weight, they only cause a diuretic and laxative effect. In fact, this means that the food leaves the intestine before it is absorbed, and so you risk not getting not only calories, but also useful nutrients.

The diuretic effect of tea only enhances this effect - not only what manufacturers call slags (which is impossible with normal liver and kidney function), but also potassium and calcium is lost. This is all the more dangerous for women over 40. The whole body is already beginning to experience a natural deficiency of these trace elements. Two magic vitamins are not only skin and hair aesthetics, they are bone strength. Lovers of such drugs are at risk of diagnosing osteoporosis (lack of calcium) and seizures (lack of potassium) in a medical record.

A long reception can also harm the intestines itself - a lazy digestive system will simply unlearn itself and get rid of waste in time.Therefore, experts advise to use tea for weight loss as an alternative to medicines and with great care. The course and dosage should be agreed with the doctor, especially for fragile girls.

Hay is present in most of the fees - it is she who causes the very “toilet” effect. At home, you can make as effective as sparing teas. This combination of mint and lemon - this combination will not only help in cleansing the body, but also soothe the nervous system. A rarer combination of quince and hawthorn berries also has an added bonus. Both plants are aphrodisiacs. Finally, for the most lazy, there are grandmothers recipes - lingonberries and castorcake!

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