Sliding wardrobe for small apartments

How to combine the original design, comfort and ergonomics in the interior of a small apartment? Do you really need to have some special talent? Really yes! But do not be upset if creative is alien to you! From this short article you will learn how to decorate your apartment, make it more comfortable and ergonomic with just one piece of furniture - the closet compartment!

Features of the selection

With this universal furniture, you can remove unnecessary things from your eyes, thus freeing the interior of the "thieves" of space and boring trash. In the corridor usually buy deeper models. And the cabinets in the living room or bedroom, on the contrary - choose small-sized, suitable in size for a pre-prepared niche. In the latter case, it is better to buy a wardrobe to order, then you will be sure that the furniture will look good in your apartment.


Modern wardrobe cabinets can have facades decorated with mirrors, colored glass, and a textured finish.By the way, it is the models with mirrors that are recommended to buy for small apartments. They, according to designers, create the illusion of greater space, and also visually facilitate the interior.

But buying furniture with mirrored facades, do not forget about security. Such models should be equipped with mirrors with a special film, which will not allow the glass to crumble in a strong impact. This is especially true if the family has a child.

If you decide to buy a swing closet for custom-made clothes, in calculating its capacity, keep in mind that 10 centimeters of internal space will be “stolen” by hinges, as well as door design. Do not forget about it!

Today, the market presents a lot of models of cabinets. The more expensive segment includes wardrobes with aluminum profiles and doors with rollers on bearings. Cabinets with a steel profile without bearings are a bit cheaper. But the latter option, because of the profile, is much heavier, and this is a significant drawback.

So, when buying a wardrobe should take into account a lot of nuances and in no case should not rush to the choice.Take "tips" in this article, and you will not only buy a suitable wardrobe, but also be able to place it in your apartment in the best possible way. But many dream of furniture bringing maximum pleasure and served for many years. And your dream is destined to come true!

Article source: Internet furniture store for home furniture - cabinet furniture from Russian manufacturers.

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