Pillow "SleepyCat"

Materials and tools:

  1. colorful fabric (fleece);
  2. filler;
  3. scissors, needle, colored threads.

Step 1

Cut out the details of the future cushion from the fleece fabric (for the quantity and details see the drawing).

we sew a large oval (mouth) to the yellow part, then sew the nose in the top and in the middle of the oval. Now connect and sew 3 parts of the eyes and sew them to the yellow part. Then sew eyelids in the eyes, making a sleepy look.

Step 2

We will embroider a small snowflake with white threads on the nose. On the big oval we will embroider with brown threads and by the corners of the mouth we will sew hearts. We will sew the second yellow part, leaving a hole at the bottom. Fill the pillow with filler and sew up the hole.

Sleeping cat pillowis ready.

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