Shredding sleep mask

Mask for sleep from shreds- sew a few contrasting pieces of fabric and decorate them with French knots, and also simple stitches with a cross.

Materials and tools:

  1. pieces of cloth;
  2. padding from sintepon or fleece.

Step 1

Cut a stencil out of cardboard: the length of our stencil is about 20 cm. Place the paper piece on the wrong side of the fabric and circle. Instead of one single piece of fabric, you can sew two or three pieces - the more, the more interesting.

Embroidery before cutting the part. Add cross stitches on top of some peas. Or decorate some small dots with French knots and add beads in the center.

Use scissors to cut out the embroidered part, the back part and the filler, moving 1.5 cm to the edge of the drawn line. Then fold the part with embroidery and heel face-to-face, laying on top of a padding pad from a padding polyester or fleece.

Insert the ribbon between the embroidered part and the backing on both sides.Pin with pins and stitch, leaving a hole for eversion. Turn to the front side and sew a hole with a hidden stitch. The mask is ready.

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