Silver Wedding - 25 Years Wedding Anniversary

Spouses who have lived together for 25 years, celebrate the Silver wedding. Many have a question about the origin of this name. For example, the first anniversary of a wedding is called calico because chintz is a delicate and fragile material as well as the relationship of a young couple. Every year, these feelings grow, become stronger and stronger.

Spouses are increasingly becoming attached to each other, becoming closer and dearer. For this reason, the names of wedding anniversaries become more fundamental. Having passed along the life of 25 years - the Silver Wedding symbolizes strength for the spouses, like the noble metal from which this name derives.

But before a silver wedding, spouses need to live together for years, having dealt with many names of wedding anniversaries. Nickel, tin, cast iron will precede a silver wedding, but it is difficult to call these metals noble, as they designate only the strength of the union and not the beauty and nobility.

25 years - Silver wedding, which is celebrated with special warmth always in the family circle. Having passed so many years together, the spouses proved to each other that they know how to love and keep this warm feeling, which means that they are worthy of a decoration in the form of a silver ring, a symbol of the preserved union.

According to the old custom, on the anniversary of their celebration, spouses must exchange silver rings, putting them on the finger on which they wore a wedding ring for twenty-five years. A solemn evening in honor of the anniversary can be arranged in any style, for example, in retro, where heroes of the occasion will be able to enjoy their favorite music. A pleasant surprise for the anniversary can be a "slide show", where the heroes will be able to see and relive the most beautiful moments of their life together.

Once there was a very good tradition - on the day of your wedding, hide three bottles of wine that opened only for a silver wedding. The first was intended as a test for the husband, the second for the first toast at the table, and the third for the spouses only, who should drink it during the festive evening.

Covering the table for the silver jubilees, all objects should be made of silver only: cutlery, garlands and even flowers, silvered with varnish.
It is also customary to donate silverware.Traditionally, they give jewelry, vases, various interior items. You can pick up some figurines or the same cutlery, but the most original gift would be a silver coin, the year of which would coincide with the wedding day.

After the banquet, when the spouses are alone, they should certainly drink a cup of tea, which will emphasize the unity of the spouses.

Now you know which wedding is celebrated for 25 years of marriage and what you need to give on this anniversary :).

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