Silver spoon on "tooth" - what does this gift mean

Many modern parents, paying tribute to church traditions, prefer to baptize a child shortly after birth. To perform a rite among friends, one or two pairs are selected, which hold the baby near the font. These people become godparents. Their main duty is moral education, as well as providing the child with moral and spiritual support. Often, to express warm feelings for a tiny creature, godparents give him all sorts of gifts, including a small silver spoon. What does this gift symbolize? Where did this unusual tradition come from?

According to church canons, after baptism, the child joins the spiritual life. On the day of the mysterious rite next to the baby must be godparents. Receivers bring with them a baptismal dress, a cross, a kryzhma.In addition, the cousins ​​can pay the cost of the rite and treats. As a gift, a silver spoon for christening is the best option. It is presented for the future or the "teeth". By tradition, this spoon should be the first device from which the baby will eat. The silver product is often encrusted with precious stones or engraved. As an engraving can be used either the name of the baby, or the face of the Guardian Angel, or an image of an Orthodox cross. Some write a short prayer on a spoon. More modern versions are decorated with colored enamel. For the first time a gift is used directly in the temple. With his help, the priest communes the baby. A pomegranate juice and a small slice of pomvira (special bread for ritual) are gathered in a spoon. Why is it that a silver spoon is given to a "tooth"? In most cases, the first teeth in children erupt at the age of six months. At this particular time, it is recommended to introduce the first feed. Silver, as a rule, has a disinfecting effect. Its ions kill germs and pathogens. That is why it is customary to use a silver spoon as the first cutlery. The product is small. Can have different forms.When choosing is to give preference to spoons with conveniently curved handles. Then the child will be able to keep the device himself. The cost of such a gift will depend on the quality of the metal, decor, weight and other nuances. Spoons are sold in jewelry stores. Give the product is in a beautiful case.

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