Short games and contests for Santa Claus and Snow Maiden with children at home, in kindergarten and school. Adult Santa Claus games for corporate party

1ICDM-001The scenario of fun entertainment for the New Year necessarily includes games and contests for Santa Claus, Snow Maiden and children. If the holiday is held on the street, preference is given to more mobile tasks designed to prevent the children from freezing and allowing them to demonstrate agility, strength and speed of reaction. When a matinee or a party is organized at home, in a kindergarten or school, short blitz contests are added to the program, funny quizzes and fun games, in which there is a place to demonstrate creativity, imagination and creative thinking.This turns the celebration into a colorful event and gives all participants a lot of joy and positive emotions.

Short, cool games for Santa Claus and Snow Maiden with children at home - examples and descriptions

Invitation to the house of New Year's characters is a wonderful winter tradition that has existed for several decades and brings a lot of joy and positive emotions to both kids and adults. The winter guests, appearing on the threshold of the apartment, bring with them a feeling of a miracle and provide an opportunity for everyone to relive the magical winter fairy tale again. And to get a gift, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden offer children to demonstrate their creative abilities or to play short, cool games for attention, speed and ingenuity.


Variants of examples of children's New Year games with Santa Claus and Snow Maiden at home

The choice of suitable games that Santa Claus and Snow Maiden can offer, primarily depends on the age of the intended participants. For children 2-4 years we need the most simple and easy to understand tasks. For example, guess in which hand Santa Claus hid a Christmas tree toy or collect for 1 minute all the snowflakes that the Snow Maiden scattered on the floor in the apartment.

Kids 5-7 years old are already able to do more difficult tasks.They should be offered to read a themed poem or sing a song, draw a portrait of Santa Claus for speed, or solve some winter riddles that Snow Maiden prepared.

If the family has one child, the competitive moment will not work, but if there are two or more children, it is quite appropriate to arrange a mini-competition. However, it will be necessary to encourage all the participants so that none of them would be offended and feel themselves forgotten or deprived. The holiday should cause only positive emotions and remain in memory as a pleasant, bright and joyful event.

Best short games for Santa Claus and Snow Maiden with children at home - examples of team entertainment


Often, animators are invited immediately to several children who assemble in the same apartment. For such a company, it is necessary to prepare in advance several interesting, short games in which the guys will play together with Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. If the size of the room allows, you can divide the participants into teams or couples and organize something like simple competitions, where boys and girls will demonstrate their creative abilities, artistic talents, attention and ingenuity.

Short team games and entertainment for Santa Claus and Snow Maiden with children at home

  • "Collect a snowflake"- a simple, fun and playable game for two or more participants. For the organization you need to prepare several large paper snowflakes, pre-cutting them into 5-6 parts. All the fragments chaotically spread around the tree or in the center of the room. At the signal, the guys will need to find as soon as possible and correctly put together pieces of snowflakes. The winner will be the one who will cope with the task faster than others and as accurately neatly fold his snowflake.
  • "Draw a picture"- A fun entertainment option for several people. All participants are first blindfolded with kerchiefs, and then they suggest drawing a figure of Father Frost on the paper. The trick is that every child should draw some particular detail of the figure. And since no one is told what is already depicted, the end result usually turns out to be very unexpected. For example, the character has three beards, two winter hats or several bags of gifts.
  • "Flying snow"- easy children's game that does not require special training.Santa Claus and Snow Maiden hand out weightless and thin cotton wool snowflakes to participants. The task of the children is to throw this New Year's attribute up and blow on it with all its might, so that it remains in the air as long as possible. The winner will be the one whose cotton snowflake falls to the floor of the last.

Funny outdoor games for Santa Claus in kindergarten with children


At the matinee in kindergarten, Santa Claus should offer children to play fun, funny outdoor games. This pleasantly diversifies the festive scenario and will enable children to receive not only traditional gifts, but also small presents for dexterity, attention, wit, speed, creativity and creative talents.

Santa Claus playing with children in kindergarten - examples of entertainment for younger and older groups

  • "Be always on guard"- very simple and affordable attention game for the little ones. The number of participants is unlimited. The essence of the process is that the Snow Maiden and Father Frost take turns in a loud voice by various commands, and the children fulfill them, but only if the magic word "please" is added to the request.The game takes place under the rhythmic music and the teams sound fast enough. Listening is required very carefully and immediately guided, you need to perform the action or not. Mistaken children leave the game, and the victory goes to the one who remains in the last circle.
  • "Better two than one"- Easy version of the game for speed. The minimum number of participants - 2, maximum - without restrictions. For the organization a certain free area is allocated and three toys are placed on it. A couple of participants go to the center and dance around the objects lying on the floor. As soon as the music stops or Santa Claus gives the command “Stop!”, The participants try to pick up two toys from the floor. A child left with one toy is considered a loser.
  • "Find your lucky star"- entertainment for more adult children, already familiar with the basics of arithmetic, numbers and the most simple mathematical operations such as addition and subtraction. The game requires some preliminary preparation. In the hall or room where the matinee will be held, big stars made of shiny paper are attached to the ceiling in advance. On each of them the numbers from 1 to 20 (or more, it is optional) are written with a marker.All participants first simply dance in the hall to the music, and when she stops for a moment, Santa Claus announces the number of the happy star. The first who finds it, receives an incentive prize.
  • "Race centipedes"- very cool and fun version of an active, active game for children. The whole group is attracted to participate. The guys are divided into two teams, asked to line up in the back of the head and take in front of him by the belt. At the opposite wall, two chairs are placed at some distance from each other. At the signal of Santa Claus, the "centipede" teams rush forward, go around the chair and return to the launch site. The main thing is to do everything as quickly as possible and not break the chain. To complicate the problem, children are offered to move around in a semi-squat or squat. The winners are those who first returned to the original point and did not lose any of the chain.

Interesting short games for Santa Claus for New Year on the street


If the weather is not too cold and the snow has already fallen, part of the matinee on the occasion of the winter holidays can be spent on the street. And in order for the children not to freeze, Santa Claus will have to organize several short and interesting New Year games in which the children will have the opportunity to actively move around and win pleasant, small presents.

Examples of street games for the New Year for Santa Claus and children

  • "Sniper"- a game of accuracy and dexterity. Two teams form the group of children. At the site, two not too deep baskets are put out and suggest that children sculpt snowballs and throw them into these containers. The team wins as quickly as possible to fill its basket. To complicate the task, you can limit the time for completing the task and invite the guys to throw as many snowballs as possible, for example, in 1 minute.
  • "Sculptor"- entertainment aimed at the manifestation of fantasy and creativity. Children are divided into 2-3 teams, then Santa Claus calls any letter from the alphabet. The task of the participants is to mold some object out of the snow on the named letter. Whoever copes with the task first and does everything as carefully as possible will receive a tasty, pleasant prize.
  • “Get a surprise gift”- A simple game in which participants are invited to choose their own suitable New Year's gift. For the organization, adults wrap soft toys, large candies, chocolate, gingerbread, tangerines and oranges in opaque motley paper. Each item on a string is hung from a small tree or speciallyestablished column. Participants are blindfolded and offered to cut off the item they like. The choice is made only to the touch and each of the children can become the owner of a completely unexpected thing.

Funny contests for Santa Claus and Snow Maiden for children for the New Year 2018


Since the patron of the upcoming New Year 2018 is the Dog, Father Frost and Snow Maiden, it is worth organizing for the children funny contests dedicated to this magical animal. You can give the children the task within 1 minute to draw on the album sheet as many dogs or count as many toy puppets decorate the New Year tree.

Not less successful idea is to organize a contest of readers, where the children will recite poems dedicated to dogs or sing cheerful beautiful songs about them to melodic musical accompaniment.

For the team competition, it is worth picking up two large toy dogs and offering children the speed to put on the animals the clothes necessary for a winter walk. Victory will go to the team that will cope with the case first.

Funny contests for Santa Claus and Snow Maiden in school on the matinee


In order for the New Year's school matinee to be fun, brightly and permanently remembered, it is necessary to include funny contests with Santa Claus and Snow Maiden in the script. Children will be happy to take part in them, they will perfectly fulfill all the tasks and will receive nice prizes.

Examples of cool children's competitions with Santa Claus and Snow Maiden

  • "Kick scooter"- fun contest for any age category. Children are divided into teams and are built one after another. At the opposite wall put two Christmas trees. At the signal of Santa Claus, the first participant rides a scooter, goes around the Christmas tree, returns to his seat and passes the scooter to the next participant. The winner is the team whose players will manage to do everything faster and never dump a New Year tree.
  • "Castle"- a simple competition for attention and observation. Santa Claus hands out sets of padlocks and bundles with different keys to participants. For a certain amount of time, participants must find the desired key and open the lock. Who will do it first will be the winner.
  • "Snowball catcher"- competition for agility. Of the children form two teams. The Snow Maiden hands the captains empty paper bags, and offers the rest of the participants to crush 4 dense balls of paper from sheets of paper.At the sign of Santa Claus, the guys are trying to throw the balls in the package of their captain. The victory is awarded to those in whose bag will eventually be the maximum number of snowflakes.

Competitions for Santa Claus and Snow Maiden on corporate for adults - video examples

Without cheerful games and ridiculous competitions with the participation of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, not one New Year's corporate can do. For such numbers use cool plots and complement them with some piquant accents. Interesting ideas can be found in the video examples below. Repeating everything is not necessary. The New Year is always a little fairy tale and it is quite appropriate to play it out by its own rules.

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