Shoes with a split thumb - a fashion trend or another designer joke?

French fashion house Maison Margiela has been creating shoes with a split thumb for years, and therefore this trend is clearly not new. Nevertheless, new models of shoes in the manner of Japanese tabi still do not cease to amaze.

It is not entirely clear why this selection of the thumb was made - but obviously not for greater convenience and comfort. It looks fashionable novelty, admit, controversial and somewhat strange ... But even more surprising is the price of this creation - for ballet flats of fancy design you will need to pay $ 660, and for boots - already $ 1000.

Photo: Maison Margiela

The alleged reason for the “birth” of an intricate design is a reference to the Japanese tabi, a shoe with a split finger. Contrary to popular belief, they are far from being not only ninja, but also ordinary people. In Japan, such tabi already surprise no one.There are sports and home socks, and even boots for the winter - see for yourself:

However, the classic tabi probably “lacked style”, and therefore Maison Margiela trading house decided to correct the situation and create a “fashionable” tabi option for men and women, respectively.

And while people who are interested in fashion, carried away with the tabi-trend, we, the philistines, want to hide from such innovations and generally stay away from them.

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