She is a miracle: Angelina Jolie conquered Rezo Gigineishvili

The most prestigious film festival in the USA, which is already held for the 44th time in Telluride, a ski resort in the mountains of Colorado, attracted our attention not only with the nomination of three Russian directors (Zvyagintsev for Nelyovov, Balagov for Toughness and Gigineishishvili for Hostages ”), but also the arrival of Angelina Jolie at the welcome party.

As part of the festival, Angie presented her new film “First, they killed my father: Memoirs of Cambodia’s Daughter”, and at the party she appeared in the company of six children (by the way, the senior son Maddox, who was born in Cambodia) acted as the executive producer of the film.

At the party, Angelina looked relaxed and elegant and, contrary to all rumors, proved that she is in excellent physical and emotional form. But we liked not so much the image of the director in a knitted dress (from the Russian designer Ulyana Sergeenko, by the way!), As her charm: the 42-year-old star was happy to talk with other directors, actors and guests of the evening and charmed everyone without exception.In confirmation - a picture on Instagram of Rezo Gigineishvili, where he stands in an embrace with Angelina. “At a welcome party organized by the Academy. She is a miracle, ”without a word was signed by the director of Hostages. The result - more than 12 thousand likes and hundreds of comments.

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