Secrets of the perfect application of tonal means

Professional make-up artists with skill claim - the right tone and applied on the skin of the face tone is the key to perfect makeup. This fact should be taken as an axiom to those who want to look perfect always and everywhere: in the office, at a party or an important ceremonial event.


But it happens that it is not possible to follow all the canons of the make-up industry. The tool flows, rolls, clogs up in wrinkles, lays down mask, leaves divorces and causes a huge number of problems. Recommendations of experts will help to save the situation.

Right choice

Before you begin to apply makeup, it is necessary to determine the appropriate type and tone of your skin foundation. For this, remember several important rules:

  1. To go for a purchase is better in the afternoon. Well, if you have the opportunity to apply a cream from the tester and see how the tone is combined with the skin in daylight.
  2. Applying a trial dose of the drug is best on the neck area. After 10 minutes you can look at the result. The cream, which has become invisible on the skin, and will be the ideal option.
  3. Owners of dry skin need products with moisturizing ingredients - vitamins and / or hyaluronic acid. The presence of oils is also welcome.
  4. Normal skin requires minimal correction, so a light fluid with a transparent texture will suffice.
  5. Oily skin needs a thorough matting, so it is better to choose cream powder or light liquid emulsions. Means with a dense texture will create a mask effect that will block the access of oxygen to the face. And this means that very soon the make-up will "flow".
  6. For the problematic type, remedies with antibacterial effect and small particles of powder are suitable, which will help to even out the relief and mask the rashes, acne and other dermatological defects.
  7. In order to look beautiful at any time of the year, experts recommend getting two versions of the tonal bases - light for the cold season and darker for the summer time.

Makeup artist tools

The tonal base is applied, as a rule, with the help of several auxiliary means:

  1. Sponge It copes with leveling the skin relief and allows you to evenly apply tone. But because of the porous texture, the sponge absorbs a large amount of tonal means, which significantly reduces the duration of the use of cosmetics.
  2. Brush. It helps not only to quickly apply the tone, but also to work out small areas of the face. It does not require frequent care, unlike sponge, but it is not suitable for applying the product to the entire face.
  3. Arms. The most economical, but unfortunately, not the most effective tool. A significant plus in applying with hands is that the cream is pre-heated, which means that it falls flat and neat. A significant drawback is uneven shading.
  4. Beauty blender. This new-fashioned "gadget" was created relatively recently, and promises to give the perfect tone of the face, like Hollywood stars. The ellipsoidal shape allows you to access any part. Due to its special structure, it perfectly absorbs moisture (not a cream!), Becoming softer and more pliable.

After use requires regular washing with soap.The only minus of such an “assistant” is its price.

General rules

Regardless of what you intend to apply the tonal foundation on the skin, it is important to remember a few basic rules:

  1. Do not apply the product to an unprepared face. 15-20 minutes before the creation of make-up, you need to use your day cream so that the skin gets enough nutrition.
  2. Any "tonalku" need to distribute, moving from the center to the edges. Opposite movements will make even minor flaws even more visible.
  3. You should not get carried away, putting at once a large amount of tone. Thus you risk getting a damaged image. The optimal portion of the tool - the size of a pea.
  4. If the shade was chosen correctly, there is no need to put cosmetics on the neck. It is enough just to shade the border carefully.
  5. Before you distribute the tone on problem skin, you should use a green corrector, which will help mask redness and acne.

It is also worth remembering that for problem skin powder it is better to select the color as close as possible to the base. Even darker in tone, it can make flaws even more visible.

  1. If you need to maximally hide flaws, it is better to apply two thin layers than one tight.
  2. Particular attention should be paid to feathering the cream on the wings of the nose, there are "flaws" most noticeable.
  3. Professional makeup artists to fix the makeup using mineral water, splashing it on the face of the spray.

Perfect cover

To achieve a smooth, flat face relief can be correctly using basic tools.


There are two options for laying the foundation with the help of a latex "helper":

  • shade "peas" applied to the face;
  • squeeze the sponge, apply a tone, release, coat (thus, the cream will be evenly distributed on the latex surface and will form an even layer).

Pay special attention to the neck area and hair growth line, carefully shading the cream.


Despite the benefits of natural products, makeup brushes are better to choose from synthetic fibers. The reason is simple - natural pile significantly increases the consumption of the cream.

It is most convenient to squeeze a little of the base on the arm between the forefinger and the thumb and take the right amount from there. So you do not have to constantly squeeze the tool on the brush.

Movement must be made from center to side. When applying the cream on the eye area, remember that you will need to blot the excess with a napkin so that it does not gather in folds and wrinkles.


Since you decided to abandon the "helpers" make-up experts, then you can try to create the perfect tone with your fingers. Plus there is no doubt about it - you get a light and natural tonal effect.

Before applying the cream on your hands, rub them a little to warm them, then squeeze them a little on your fingers and gently spread the product over your face. In places of small peeling, you can make light pats, this will help to make exfoliated skin flakes not so noticeable.

For day makeup and normal skin, you can use another simple way. Squeeze out a little “tonalka” and gently spread it across both palms. Then apply the cream on the skin with light smoothing movements. The maximum natural look you provided.

Beauty blender

How can you apply tone with this miracle device? Despite the fact that the beauty blender is positioned as a professional "gadget", you will not need any special skills to work with it.

The only and most important thing to do before applying cosmetics - wet the "egg". This must be done thoroughly, because the more water the material absorbs, the less it will absorb cosmetics, and the thinner the layer of the applied base will be.

You can not worry about the direction of movement and lines of application, beauty blender does not form stains and stains. The side with a thin tip needs to work the area of ​​the nose, mouth and eyes, and the flat - forehead and cheeks.

After the procedure, wait a few minutes and use a paper towel to remove the remaining cream (you need to gently get wet). A quality product will last on the skin in its original form for about 6-8 hours.

Having mastered the basic techniques of applying a tonal tool, be sure to take care of the acquisition of means for its removal. After all, even the most expensive and high-quality tone should not interfere with the skin "rest" and be saturated with oxygen.

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