Secret room: how to place a dressing room in the house

Tired of collecting scattered things around the apartment and wasting precious time looking for the right outfits? Build a dressing room in the house, and then you will not only know what is and where it lies, but also update your interior.

The most excellent way to organize a storage system and easily find the necessary things is to build a dressing room in the apartment. It is not as difficult to do as it seems at first glance. Interior designers claim that you can even make room for storing things in a small apartment; it all depends on your preferences and financial means. See our selection of stylish wardrobe options that will decorate any interior.

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In order not to litter the apartment and always have tidy things at hand, you can think over the functional storage system and make room in the apartment under the dressing room. It is not difficult if you live in, say, a country house and you have plenty of room for such decisions.However, the owners of an ordinary apartment or studio can also provide a dressing room, after making accurate measurements.

It is worth noting that there are two types of dressing rooms, which have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Open closetsrepresent a kind of niche in the wall, not separated from the main space by any partitions. Doors are also not provided. In this case, all your belongings become part of the decor and look very picturesque on the shelves. But this option visually increases the space and looks great even in small apartments. Of the minuses - things must be in perfect order, because they are always in sight, they can absorb foreign odors.

Closed closetsthey are separated from the main room by a door or partition and look like separate rooms.

If you have a loggia, the dressing room can be placed there. It will not often come across eyes and will save space in the room. Another accommodation option is at the entrance to the apartment. In this case, even outerwear can be stored here.

Do not forget to also think about how best to organize the inner space to fit all your belongings and it was convenient for you to find them. Designers advise to provide more racks, on the upper shelves of which it will be convenient to store seasonal items. Also needed hooks for bags and belts, the crossbar for hangers and a few closed boxes.

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