Scenario celebrating the New Year 2016 in primary school

new YearThe school New Year's holiday for primary classes is an unforgettable show, which is obliged to give children fun and good mood. To make the celebration bright, it is better to hold it in the auditorium, where students of all classes of primary school will fit. The central place in the New Year's holiday is occupied by the scripts of the New Year 2016: the elementary school is waiting for a fairy tale and a bright theatrical production.

How to create a successful new 2016 script in primary school?

Adults cannot cope with this task alone, therefore it is worthwhile to invite students of 15-17 years old. Of course, it is better not to hold a holiday for all schoolchildren at the same time: hardly entertainments of kids will interest teenagers and graduates. Therefore, almost adult students can be invited to participate in the organizational part:

  • write a script together;
  • to entrust roles in a theatrical performance;
  • draw to the decoration of the hall and the stage.

Young people always have interesting ideas that they will share with pleasure.

Ideas for the script of the New Year 2016 in elementary school

How to choose a fairy tale theme and when to start training?

It is better to start the preparation of the holiday 2-3 months before the celebration. Choosing the characters of the New Year's fairy tale, it is better to conduct a survey of students and find out which characters they like the most. Then the celebration will surely be a success.


Not later than 1.5-2 months before the holiday, you need to tell all the students about the New Year carnival. Let children choose and prepare costumes for themselves: younger students like such ideas, they will happily try on a new fabulous image.

Correct contests

Children under 10 years old love outdoor games. Intellectual quizzes are best left for school lessons. At the festival, children want to run, dance and have fun. If you want a celebration to be successful, you should select a few games in advance and make a “rehearsal” for their suitability. To do this, spend one game in each class: then you will know exactly how the children react to New Year's competitions.
new year in elementary school

The scenario of the New Year in elementary school: how to write

If you do not want to fantasize a lot, you can use ready-made scripts. But it is better to simply take them as a basis and draw up your own, unique celebration plan.

How to write a new year script 2016 for elementary school? Step-by-step instruction

The first thing you need to determine the theme of the holiday. For example:

  • superheroes visiting Santa Claus;
  • in the land of fairies, miniputes and wizards;
  • travel to the country of Multlandia and others.

In the second stage, determine the list of characters who will take part in the fairy tale. One or two roles can be assigned to teachers, and the rest to high school students.

The third step is the preparation of the scenario plan, the description of the plot, the selection of contests, games, songs, music, prizes, props (stage decoration, costumes for the characters).

At the fourth stage, you can start working on the scenario of the New Year in elementary school. Here you need to paint all the actions of the characters, decide on the sequence of the games, write replicas of the characters.

The fifth, the most difficult stage, begins with the first rehearsal. At first you should not dress up the participants in costumes. When everyone remembers their actions and text, then you can hold a dress rehearsal a couple of days before the New Year's performance.
happy new year elementary school

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