Save your favorite dress: what to do if you put a stain

Even the most gentle and romantic evening on Valentine's Day can turn into an annoying nuisance: one careless movement and ... oh, horror, a stain appeared on your dress. But do not worry, the outfit can still be saved!

First aid

First of all, do not panic, but take the usual paper napkin, ideally white, and gently blot the stain with it. But do not rush to wipe it with water and soap, advises the head of the training center"European dry cleaning Аpetta"Elena Valentinovna Kalkutina.

Elena Kalkutina

“In no case should you try to wash or cover up contamination on clothing made of viscose, acetate, wool, silk, flax and other delicate fabrics. This can lead to the fact that then it will not be able to remove even in dry cleaning, ”the specialist warns.

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No powder!

At home, the stain is also not worth washing up.If you decide to risk and get rid of it yourself, wash the thing completely. But before that, examine the labeling of the product: is it possible to wash it? If so, proceed with extreme caution.

Elena Kalkutina

“Do not use bleach, powder and soap. Fabrics such as wool and silk do not tolerate the effects of alkali. Therefore, it is much safer to use special liquid products and gels for washing delicate products and wash them in the “Delicate Wash” mode, advises Kalkutina. - But if the color of the dress is bright, contrast, for example, there are combinations of white and black, red and black, do not wash the dress at home - this is equivalent to killing things. Pass it into the caring hands of an expert. Moreover, the cost of the service of cleaning clothes is not at all high. And if on the label it is indicated that the thing cannot be washed, immediately take it to save it in dry cleaning. There is no other option. ”

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network European dry cleaners Аpetta, services, prices, addresses, reviews

More delicate does not happen

How dowill save your dress in dry cleaningif washing is contraindicated? Dry clean method. With the help of a special solvent with the cunning name perchlorethylene (or PCE). It easily removes both general dirt and grease stains, while avoiding shrinkage and loss of color.

Dry cleaning helps to get rid not only of fat, but also of paraffin, and even chewing gum. But KWL-solvents, made by chlorine-free technology and not containing harmful chemicals, are not so powerful in terms of removing dirt, but carefully treated with the finest silk and do not spoil beads, beads and sequins.

Elena Kalkutina

“If the dress has a complex decor, it can be damaged during the cleaning. Consult with a specialist. Perhaps the decor will need to be removed - alone or with the help of a professional. As a rule, this service is offered in dry cleaning for an additional fee, ”advises Elena Valentinovna Kalkutina.

Most of the spots (wine, tea, coffee, blood) are easier to remove in the aquatic environment - with the help of akvachistki.This is washing the dress by hand or especially gentle processing in a special machine using high-quality detergents and water.

In any case, you can exhale: your expensive dress in every sense will be treated with the utmost care: after an examination (almost medical!), They will select an individual cleaning technology for them, and then dry it on special equipment. The knitted thing will get rid of the pellets to everything else - the dress will be like from a store.

And what to do with a shirt?

Men are luckier: if the wine is spilled on the shirt, and it is cotton, then in order to remove the stain from the wine, simply load it into the washing machine, set the “Cotton” mode and start the wash. The only caveat - a clean shirt is better to dry the shoulders.

Elena Kalkutina

“But if a shirt is made of linen, and especially silk, carry it in dry cleaning: there are too many contraindications for these delicate fabrics. As for the suit, the instruction for his salvation is exactly the same as in the case of the ladies' dress: do not panic and do not wash it, ”reminds Elena Kalkutina.

Online"European dry cleaning Apetta"easily cope with any, even the most terrible pollution on any, the most delicate and whimsical fabric. In St. Petersburg, there are 25 dry cleaners working for you.Finding the nearest one is not at all difficult: all dry cleaners are located in O'KEY hypermarkets, and in the central part of the city - in the Nevsky Center shopping center.

The specialistsApettaquickly, carefully and carefully save and favorite dress, and costume, and shirt. And it will be quite inexpensive. So,dress cleaningwill cost 510 rubles, knitted dress together with the removal of pellets - 550 rubles, costume - 960 rubles. Couture products will gain new life with a special service."Your personal technologist"which involves the individual processing of each thing.

network European dry cleaners Аpetta, services, prices, addresses, reviews

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