Russian stove in the 21st century

Russian stove

A beautiful stove today is the main decoration of a wooden house.
Today, ancient Russian traditions are reviving. Camps and mansions in the Russian style are being built, and most of these buildings cannot do without a furnace. Because it is the soul of any home, gives the beauty and charm of the room. Perhaps, not all modern Russian stoves are used for their intended purpose, because they do not give that comfort that modern people are used to. The stoves heat up slowly and slowly, but they also cool down for a long time, warming the house with its heat. In terms of rapid heating of the room, of course, the fireplace is more profitable, it will quickly heat the cold room, take up less space, but it will also cool down instantly. Unlike the fireplace, the Russian stove is more functional. Today she successfully performs a decorative task. Still remaining relevant, it changes, becoming more fabulous, distinctive, attracting attention to itself. The Russian stove, decorated with tiles, will look like a picture from which it is impossible to look away. This element will give the interior appeal, sophistication and special charm.

The advantages and disadvantages of the Russian stove

Start laying the Russian stove from the foundation of the house. Therefore, you need to think about it in advance.
In the Russian hinterlands today they use stoves to heat the house and prepare food. It is a pleasure to cook in it, and the food turns out to be extremely tasty, especially if it is baked on pine wood. In addition, it is pleasant to lie on a warm stove, to warm up in severe frosts. You can use it to dry herbs and wet clothes. Use the stove in the bath to heat the water. Do not be afraid of the occurrence of burning and smoke in the room, if the stove is properly folded, nothing like this will happen.
The use of the furnace has several disadvantages. First, you need to prepare firewood in large quantities, because for kindling they need a lot. Secondly, the pipe should be cleaned regularly. Thirdly, the Russian stove does not like constant temperature fluctuations, which means it is not suitable for summer cottages, only for frequent use or for its use only for beauty. Fourth, it takes up a lot of storage space and cannot be moved if necessary. It should also be noted that Russian stoves are a pleasure not cheap, especially decorated with tiles. The price of such interior elements is quite high, which makes the oven an exclusive product, a luxury item.

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