Runaway chest, battered skirt: 12 shocking fashion embarrasses

Stars are becoming victims of fashionable failure, not only because of the lack of taste, but also because of not too thoughtful and convenient creations of designers.

Some creators do not think at all about how women will wear their things. And whether they can do it without any difficulties. The main thing that concerns designers is the beauty of the lines and the spectacular details. It is understandable, artists in fact. But then the whole world witnesses a loud fashionable failure of a seemingly stylish and flawless star. Sometimes, however, the fault lies entirely with the celebrity itself and the lack of common sense (or mirrors).

Fashionable embarrassment happened to many of the stars. With Kate Middleton, they happened, probably more often than with everyone else. Immediately after her marriage, the duchess adored short skirts, which now and then strove to fly upwards even with a light breeze.The queen, of course, this situation is not too happy, so that soon Kate began to wear dresses from the knee and below.

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton
Photo: Getty Images

Rita Ora also adores short skirts. True, she seems to be wearing an extreme mini quite deliberately. And underwear chooses a deliberately sexy and depraved. Sticking leather pants with a zipper on the "interesting place" - a real challenge to society!

But let's talk about the vicissitudes of cut. After all, often the stars are victims of fashion incidents not against their will. Take, for example, the red dress of Katherine Heigl, in which she appeared at one of the film awards. The wide strap did not fit well and was constantly slipping off. At the time of entering the stage behind the long-awaited award, the strap completely fell off the actress’s shoulder and exposed her magnificent breasts. Selena Gomez also suffered from a poorly tailored outfit. A white blouse with puffy sleeves turned out to be too loose: the singer’s chest was perfectly visible from several angles at once.

At the Cannes Film Festival in 2017, a real battle broke out on the red carpet - between Bella Hadid and her dress. The bodice continually strove to slide off the chest, and the incision was so deep that anyone could see the “charms” of the model.

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