Plasticine rocket

On the day of the celebration of the first human flight into space, children with great interest create crafts on a space theme from any means at their disposal. Most often, the basis for creativity becomes paper. But it is quite possible to replace it with another material - for example, a handicraft for plasticine cosmonautics Day may be beautiful. From it you can make and applications, and three-dimensional products - such as a real space rocket.

 Plasticine rocket

Plasticine rocket

The rocket made from plasticine is very natural and bright. If you use good quality plasticine, with careful handling, the finished article will not lose its shape for a long time. You can also use a solidifying mass for modeling and porcelain clay. But taking into account that these materials are among the expensive, it is better to practice with ordinary clay for the beginning.

Before dazzling a rocket from plasticine, it needs to be prepared - well kneaded or simply heated inpalms or warm water. It will take plasticine of several colors: brown, yellow, red, black and blue. Additionally, you will need a toothpick and a stack.

Getting started.

From a large lump of brown mass we make a thick sausage. Then we give it the shape of a rocket body, slightly sharpening the tip, rolling it on the working surface. The second end of the sausage is slightly narrowed in the same way.

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