Robert Pattinson would love to do a Twilight sequel

"There are things and memories that stay with you forever," Kristen Stewart told a recent interview. “Twilight” is one of those things. It is even strange to realize that it seems like it was a long time ago, because these guys are in my heart forever. ” Robert Pattinson would not argue with her: he is still so bored with "Twilight" that he would have enjoyed acting in the new sequel to the film.

“Could I play a seventeen year old now? Yes Easy. Just call, "Robert said and joked:" My mental development stopped anyway when we started shooting this saga. "

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Publication by Robert Pattinson (@official_robertpattinson)March 28, 2018 at 3:09 PDT

The other day at the Toronto Film Festival was the premiere of High Life, in which Pattinson played the lead role: a sci-fi drama by French director Claire Denis (“Trouble Any Day, Trouble”), which takes place outside the solar system.Robert had to wait three years to just meet the director, and four more, before the shooting began, but it was worth it - critics have already appreciated the film. And Robert himself admitted that he does not see the difference between the art house project and the fact that “for the people”: “I just participate in those pictures that I like, that's all”. The only nuance that is really important for Rob is that his next role is the opposite of the previous one.

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