Roaring creature. Camille Larin talked about difficulties with his little daughter

The 50-year-old founder of the famous Quartet I, who recently became a dad for the third time, is shocked by his newborn heiress.

Volgograd Kamil Larin, who became famous for his roles in the films “Election Day”, “Radio Day” and “What Men Talk About,” enjoys his late fatherhood. The actor and his young wife Yekaterina Andreeva have two small children - a two-year-old son Daniyar and a newborn daughter Laysan, who was born in early August.

Camille Larin told about the newborn daughter
Photo: @kamlarin

Apparently, the little girl has greatly changed the life of this friendly star family. Young father Camille Larin can not get enough of his daughter, and even told some details about her on his Facebook page. The star of the Quartet I made it clear that the newborn Leysan does not allow them to relax with his wife. The baby cries a lot, constantly demanding the attention of mom and dad.And this circumstance is very annoying older brother Leysan, two-year-old Daniyar. Wanting to convey the mood and feelings of the son about the newborn sister, Camille Larin wrote a post in the microblog on behalf of Daniyar. According to him, we can conclude that the boy is jealous of the baby to his parents.

Jun 15 2017 at 11:06 AM PDT

“But who is she and by what right should I share all the space that previously belonged to me, with this constantly roaring creature that appeared recently in my house. What kind of cheap tricks to call attention by crying and screaming! I do not roar. Although I will be maybe more years old! By the way, I'm two and a half! Good evening! No, I am, of course, a gentleman, but for what reason. Here is Trofim from a nearby porch, one child in the family, rolling like cheese in butter. Everything is just for him, everything is in front of him ... And then they put him to bed and went to his bedroom, because there it is! Check that: "Mom, maaaam!" Come running! Stroked! And sped off! And again I am alone in my room! Unfair! ”Wrote Camille Larin. And then he made it clear that the difficulties are not able to break him and his young wife Katya. Star couple is already thinking about the third joint baby.

"Nothing! Here comes the third child, let's see how you will react! You will understand then how to be a senior! ”- with these words the actor completes the post on behalf of his son Daniyar.

Recall Camille Larin again became pope on August 8 of this year. The artist himself told the good news to the subscribers of his microblog. Newborn Leysan became the third child of Kamil Larin, who has an adult son Yang from his first marriage.

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