Rihanna vowed to never eat macaroni and cheese at night.

R & B-singer admitted that having a figure like hers is “worth it” and she is ready for a series of hardships.

The singer adorned the cover of the September Vogue, and at the same time admitted that she loved her body to the point of frenzy ... And she would never have exchanged feminine forms for slender models.

True, she has one drawback. The singer loves to eat pasta with cheese at night, which is why she even has a small tummy. And then she vowed never to do it again.

Photo: Legion-Media

"I am going to return to training, and I hope that I will not lose my hips and all that," the singer admitted to journalists. - To have the same shape as mine is worth it. If you want to have a beautiful ass, then be ready to have a belly. ”

The singer is confident that men love feminine forms, and not the flat figures of fashion models. However, according to the star, and the main thing here is to know the measure and “not to blur.”

She commented on a star and a recent affair with Hassana Jamila.

“I think that many people meet a person and imagine what he could become, but he will never become one, and because of this, for some reason everyone is disappointed,” she explained. “A person can always become better, can always become worse, this is normal.”

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