Revelations of a man who threw a beautiful wife

Getting away from a beautiful wife to nowhere - is it real? Completely, if the spouse has firmly got used to the role of the beloved and only toy of her husband.

I learned about the fact that Seva was going to divorce when his wife Lilechka called my mom and was taken aback by the unexpected news. “Anya, your brother is an ungrateful brute! - Lilechka expressed emotions so loud that Mom had to move the phone away from her ear. - I have long felt that something was wrong with him, but today suddenly hello, please - I'm leaving, he says, I'm tired of you. What are you tired of asking? Do we have seven shops or a farm? Surely he found someone, so he got tired of drumming on two fronts! And how about love I sang in my ears - can not convey! And now, five years of marriage to the dog under the tail? Did I deserve such a betrayal? As a sister, you must influence my husband! You are one of the few people whom he respects and to whose opinion he listens. ”

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Lilechka squealed on the phone for a long time, using a vocabulary that we had never heard from her before.Crying as a way of communication was also atypical for her: Lily always spoke in a low, cooing voice. Mom tried to calm her down, but Seva's wife, throwing out the insult raging in her, hung up the phone in their hearts.

“Mom, what happened? - For me, the news about the changes in the family of the beloved uncle sounded like a bolt from the blue. - Did Seva find another? But Lily is so beautiful, what else does he need? ”

“Let's not make assumptions,” mother said sternly. - Every family, even the most prosperous in appearance, has its skeletons in the closet. I think Seva will clarify the situation himself when she considers it necessary. In the end, this is his personal life, and we have no right to interfere in it and take sides. Although, frankly, I'm not very surprised at what happened. "

My attempts to find out why she was not surprised by the departure of her brother from a beautiful wife did not lead to anything: my mother limited herself to advice not to stick her nose in someone else's life.

Seva really left Lily, leaving her apartment, bought a few years before marriage. He took only his belongings and the dog Alma. Lilya, reassured by the fact that she got the real estate, didn’t pretend to be “movable” in the face of a shaggy two-year-old dog.She called her mother a couple of times, urging her to reason with her brother, but she didn’t meet her understanding and never got out of touch. Seva rented an apartment not far from us, sometimes dropped in for dinner or asked to take a walk with the dog if he was very busy, but the topic of his divorce was taboo in our family. It was clear that there was no woman next to him (that is, Lily's theory of the presence of a runt collapsed almost immediately), but at the same time, my mother's brother gave the impression of a completely happy person. He even changed his face, he became boyishly carefree, more often he smiled and joked.

A year has passed, and an important event happened in my life - the beloved made an offer. Upon learning that I was getting married, Seva was delighted. “Well, my sister, and you will become a mother-in-law,” he joked, winking at my mom. “Look, don't cling and don't criticize your son-in-law if you want your daughter to be happy.”

I do not know what suddenly found me, but despite the humorous tonality of Seva, I took and blatted outright tactlessness: “Your mother-in-law, I remember, I couldn’t breathe on you, but it didn’t contribute to your family happiness.” She said and bit her tongue.Truly, the word is not a sparrow! Mom, who did not expect to hear anything like that, looked at me in complete bewilderment. But Seva, after a few seconds, said: “Yes, indeed, the mother-in-law is an important, but not the main component of family happiness. Come along, nephew, let's talk about life and love. You, I feel, have questions that I definitely have something to answer. ”

... We had a long walk with him in the park. During this walk, I finally found out why my uncle’s marriage broke up and why he was in no hurry to tie himself up with new relationships. “Divorce did not change my opinion about the institution of the family,” said Seva. - I am still confident that a man should not be alone, that there must be a woman next to him: a beloved, loyal friend, the mother of his children. You know that I married late. I was looking for one with which I would like to live my whole life. Like any bachelor with experience, I had certain requirements for my second half. In the first place among the advantages of a potential spouse, I put femininity. It seemed to me that only next to such a woman could I be realized as a man.I shied away, like the devil from incense, from emancipated persons, who would not miss a glass or two, and wouldn’t get into his pocket for strong words. Excessively self-sufficient and categorical ladies holding prominent positions and earning a lot of money, I, too, were not interested. I was attracted only to those women whose manners were as far as possible from men. Perhaps this stereotype was formed in childhood. Looking at the mother who raised me with a sisterless father, I saw that the role of “a horse, a bull, a woman, and a man” is unnatural for a woman.

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And here I meet Lily - a beautiful, tender, some kind of childly defenseless. That is just the one that always dreamed of. Naturally, I could not miss such a woman, and she became my wife. Lily's naivety and immediacy made me feel like the all-powerful head of the family, who would not care about any problems.

After some time, I began to realize that any medal has two sides. Even the strongest and most confident person has moments of weakness or at least ill health when he himself needs help and complicity. But I could not allow myself this: Lilechka firmly “entered” into the role of my favorite toy and was not going to “leave” it.It suited her that I fully assumed not only the maintenance of the family, which is perfectly normal, but also the lion’s share of household chores. Paying bills, filling the fridge, organizing leisure activities - almost all family problems were not common, but solely mine. Lilechka saw as her main task the care of her angelic appearance. Massage, manicure, pedicure, hairdresser, visits to the dressmaker and regular shopping - well, how many cases and how much time it takes! In fairness it must be admitted that the wife occasionally did the cleaning and sometimes cooked something. True, it was not easy for Lilechkin to concoct even out of politeness. Sincerely it was impossible to portray the pleasure of her borscht or stew, and my wife guiltily threw up her hands: "Well, I was not born as a cook." She did not consider it necessary to develop the missing skills, and as a result we dined either in a cafe or what I cooked. I, too, was not born a cook, but over the years of my bachelor life I have mastered all the culinary skills.

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