Rest without problems: we struggle with acclimatization

The main symptoms of acclimatization: general weakness, lethargy, headaches, sleep disturbances, nervous disorders, exacerbation of chronic diseases (for example, rheumatism or hypertension). As a rule, the main factor influencing the body's adaptation to a new climate is air humidity. The lower it is, the easier it is for a person to adapt. Dry air causes active perspiration, thereby maintaining the necessary level of thermoregulation.
Another thing - the country with a hot climate and high humidity. In such conditions, the sweat can not easily evaporate, which leads to a sharp violation of thermoregulation. The consequences of this imbalance are overheating of the body, increased breathing, impaired internal blood circulation and other unpleasant things. A person becomes lethargic, irritable, has a constant thirst.
Prevent acclimatization can be the following preventive measures. The room you are in should be cool and fresh (this is easily achieved with an air conditioner and a humidifier). In addition, it is necessary to observe the correct water-salt regime. Drinking, completely quenching thirst, you need after eating, the rest of the time it is recommended only to rinse your mouth. It is better to eat early in the morning or in the evening, avoiding hot daytime hours.
To facilitate acclimatization will help a comfortable outfit. On vacation in hot regions should wear light and loose clothing made from natural materials. Do not forget about the headgear, which will protect you from further overheating. On the road, be sure to take proven antipyretic drugs (based on paracetamol or ibuprofen). They will help to cope with the possible increase in body temperature in the first days of rest.

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