Change of passport in case of damage

Change of passport in case of damageA passport is perhaps one of the few documents that remain with a person for the rest of his life. Loss or damage to it can be a serious problem if you do not immediately worry about the restoration. The procedure for issuing such an important document involves a number of bureaucratic manipulations, the implementation of which will require you some financial and time costs.

Where to recover a passport?

Passport recovery procedures may vary depending on the cause — loss, theft, or deterioration. Damage to the document is a peculiar form of loss, and since a fine is imposed on the owner for this, you will have to pay a certain amount for an irresponsible attitude.

Passport is considered invalid (damaged) if:

  • integrity is broken - some pages or their parts are torn out, there is no photo or cover (meaning “native” cover), pages are worn out;
  • there are visible effects of burning, stains from water and other liquids, including chemicals;
  • information cannot be read due to the above reasons;
  • blurring of seals or stamps;
  • the presence of extraneous records, drawings or marks that are not provided for in the “Passport Regulations”.

If any of the above factors are present, an urgent change of passport for damage is required.
Change of passport in case of damage
Replace a damaged passport can be in the unit of the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation. If possible, it is best to apply at the place of your permanent residence. In this case, you can become the owner of the new document in 7-10 days.

If you do not have a permanent residence permit in the city of residence, but there is a certificate of temporary registration, the waiting time to restore the document can take from 30 to 60 calendar days.

Documents to replace passport for damage

If you apply to the Federal Migration Service in time, you can insure yourself from having problems buying train or plane tickets, getting loans, and contacting state authorities and institutions.

To restore it, you will need to prepare a certain series of papers.

What you need to replace a passport for damage:

  • write a statement on the replacement of the passport.You can also print a template from the official website of the Federal Migration Service;

Change of passport in case of damage

  • if the reason for the replacement is unsuitable for use, you must hand over the damaged document;
  • two of your photographs (b / w or color) size 35x45;
  • in case you need a temporary ID, you will need to take 2 more photos;
  • pay 500 rubles of duty and provide the appropriate receipt. The form can be printed from the official website of the migration service, or from the nearest passport office.

This is a standard list of required papers, but it will be useful to have additional documents with you:

  • birth certificate (yours and children, if any);
  • military ID;
  • an extract from the home book, confirming your registration;
  • marriage certificate or divorce certificate.

Change of passport in case of damage
Replace a spoiled passport if necessary will not take much time and effort. But in order to avoid such troubles, it is recommended to store it in a separate box with official papers. If you have a safe at home, it can be a reliable guarantee that your documents will remain intact even if a fire or flood occurs.

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