Unboxing Rayban AVIATOR™ REMIX Part 2

Ray-Ban Remix Sunglasses

Ray Ban Remix

After several decades cementing themselves as the most popular optics brand in the world, Ray-Ban are rolling out a new collection that caters to all of us who care deeply about the individuality and the finer details of an outfit.

The Ray-Ban Remix customisation experience offers you a chance to design your very own pair of sunglasses, including the ability to choose the colour of the frame and lenses along with your very own personal engraving on the temples or case of your sunglasses.

This exciting new feature offers you a unique way to stand out from the crowd by rocking the iconic Ray-Ban Aviator and Wayfarer silhouettes in a completely personalised colour way. The design process is incredibly streamlined and involves three simple steps: choosing a model, remixing the colours and lenses, and adding your personal finishing touch through engravings on the temples and case.

With a total of seven possible models, the variety of frames and lens combinations is incredible. Everything from tortoiseshell to semi-transparent rubber is featured alongside standard, gradient, mirrored or polarised lenses.

As always, all the Ray-Ban lenses offer 100% UV Eye Protection and Durability technology, whilst the other details serve to make your glasses as stylish as can be. The glasses are offered in all the classic sizes of the other Ray-Ban lines, so if you’ve been a customer before, you’ll have no trouble finding your perfect pair.

The attention paid to the personalisation process is mind-blowing; you can completely customise what is engraved on both the inside and outside of each temple, even down to the font used. On top of that, you can choose the housing of your glasses as there are three attractive case options: chunky brown, black or smooth red. Again, you can choose your text and font for your very own personalised case.

Ray-Ban Remix is already available in Italy, France, Spain, the UK and Germany, and will be expanding to the USA and the rest of the world in 2014. The collection starts at £103 and the custom design program offers free shipping.

If you’ve always wanted a pair of Ray-Bans but worried that you’ll be wearing the exact same thing as everyone else, this is your chance to design your very own pair, combining the brand’s expert craftsmanship and quality with your unique vision.

Remix your own pair over at now.

Video: Custom Ray-Ban Unboxing

Ray-Ban Remix Sunglasses
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photo Ray-Ban Remix Sunglasses

Watch Ray-Ban Remix Sunglasses video
Watch Ray-Ban Remix Sunglasses video

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