Rain style is not an obstacle! How to look fashionable, despite the bad weather

Stylish umbrella

To protect against rain and wind, it is better to choose a large and durable model to match outerwear. A classic black cane for a strict look, lace beige to a romantic coat or a colorful option for a bold, bright outfit - any of them will highlight your personality and taste.

Rubber boots

In rainy weather, it makes no sense to spoil your favorite leather or suede boots when there is an excellent alternative. Shops inundated with a variety of models of rubber shoes. There are both classic versions of boots, suitable for more stringent office outfits, and fashionable models with bright prints for a casual sporty look.


Those who for some reason are inconvenient to use an umbrella should opt for a raincoat. For example, choose a transparent model and keep the image open, or elevate your mood with bright colors.The length of the rain can also be very diverse - from short jackets to long coats to the floor.

Waterproof bag

Time to put on the shelf your favorite suede clutch and arm yourself with a bag of waterproof material. Leather models are timeless classics, but you can diversify your image with bright plastic or membranous bags to match rubber boots or a raincoat.

Cozy tippet

What is the first thing that comes to mind when the word "cold"? The desire to wrap yourself in something soft, warm and cozy. If you avoid walking in bad weather, a huge warm scarf or tippet will come to the rescue. The neck will be warm, and the image will acquire additional charm and femininity. Moreover, the options of tying scarves - a great many!

Fashionable vests

Another trend of the season, which will not only warm the bad weather, but also effectively highlight the crowd. Now there are plenty of options for any outfit - fur vests for mini-skirts, puffed - for sporty options, knitted - for a classic look.

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