The question of this business case

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  • AvatarWerkel

    February 2 at 20:23 |

    Guys, I want to express my opinion about alikaps.) I just can't not insert my 5 kopecks. Himself took it was the case. Really a good thing, seriously. After literally 3-4 capsules such a "spiritual rise" came ... that for the past six months without any problems with this case.

  • AvatarArturo

    February 2 at 7:34 pm |

    Very simple. I went to the doctor, he prescribed the drugs, I took a course, and voila. Everything returned to normal. But here's the catch - the more time passes, the more often there are misfires ... I thought everything, I was treated and you can breathe peacefully. But no. So, the author, mentally I'm with you!

    • AvatarTheodore

      February 2 at 7:51 pm |

      Thank you, of course. And what did you write out for you? Interestingly, it is not worth spending money on. And then you buy it like that, and it’s absolutely for nothing.

      • AvatarArturo

        February 2 at 8:14 pm |

        And I do not remember already. Yes, and did not remember much, came to the pharmacy, gave a piece of paper, the pharmacist on a piece of paper gave the drugs. And that's all. And so I do not have the habit (maybe in vain) to remember the names of medicines. As soon as it ceases to be necessary, it instantly disappears from the head. By the way, about your words about “alikapsy”, you know, they say that it’s really a normal remedy.Many of my friends took. I myself am in thought now about him, and maybe I should take pictures ...

    • AvatarTheodore

      February 2 at 8:39 pm |

      Interestingly say, comrade. Did you buy it yourself, or did you go to a doctor and take it at your request? I just want to understand if I need to visit doctors for this purpose.

      • AvatarWerkel

        February 2 at 20:47 |

        Theodore, no, I bought it myself, I drank it myself. Although the doctor also does not hurt, especially if you have any diseases. If it is healthy and does not bother, go ahead and with the song. For sale alicaps without a prescription by the way.

        • AvatarTheodore

          2 February at 9:01 pm |

          Ohhh, thanks for the valuable information! I will go on the Internet to wander in order to learn more about it. Maybe I really decide to try it.

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