Purpose and types of heat guns

Although heat guns have been on sale relatively recently, their popularity is constantly growing. After all, this device is indispensable if it is necessary to heat different rooms (warehouses, production halls, sales and exhibition halls), if installing another type of heating is impossible or problematic.

Purpose and principle of operation of a heat gun

In recent years, the cost of electricity has increased significantly and continues to grow. Therefore, if before people, without thinking, used a variety of electric heaters, today it threatens with large financial losses. But maintaining optimal conditions is necessary not only to ensure that people working in the room are as comfortable as possible, low temperatures can degrade the quality of the goods there.

The constant increase in the cost of electricity forced manufacturers to develop powerful heaters that operate on different energy sources.Now on sale there are many types of heat guns that can heat a room in a matter of minutes using an inexpensive form of energy. You can order any heaters on the site krepcom.ru.

The heat gun works as follows: through the grilles in the housing, air enters the device, where the heating element heats it to a predetermined temperature, then the air masses come back with a fan located inside the housing.

Types of heat guns

Depending on the scope of use, they are divided into:

  • industrial;
  • household.

According to the source of energy they are:

  • Diesel - work on diesel fuel, which makes using the device quite expensive. But this disadvantage is compensated by the numerous advantages of the device: low weight and size, which ensures its mobility, and good power. In turn, these guns are divided into devices of indirect and direct heating.
  • Electric. The popularity of such models is explained by their advantages, the main of which is environmental friendliness. In addition, they work from the ordinary power supply. The heating element is a spiral or heating element.
  • Gas. The operation of these devices requires gas. Such devices are of two types: mobile and stationary. They are economical, widely distributed in rural areas.
  • Water. Equipped with a heat exchanger that is pre-filled with water. The liquid heats up, heat is released into the environment. They are very efficient and economical.

By the way, from each other, these devices differ fan power. When choosing a heat gun, you must first of all take into account the purpose for which it is acquired, and its material capabilities.

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