Pump for irrigation from the barrel - assistant on the plot

To choose the right pump for irrigation, you need to take into account a number of conditions that you face in the country gardens. These include the availability of electricity and the stability of its supply, the type of tank from which it is supposed to draw water for irrigation, the area that needs to be irrigated with water. Rainwater collected in a barrel is an ideal means for watering. If you plan to irrigate the garden with water from a well, it is worthwhile to pre-pump it into the tank so that it will reach the air temperature.
In terms of their functionality, all pumps can be divided into two groups - mechanical, driven by human physical force, and electric. If at your summer cottage electricity is not yet carried out, or there are interruptions and other difficulties, it is advisable to use a mechanical pump.They are produced in different versions: rotary, diaphragm, piston, with pressure build-up in the barrel and without it.

Mechanical pumps

A mechanical pressure pump is inconvenient for country watering. It is mainly used in industry and for pumping water from bottles. For the garden more suitable pump rotary or piston type, which can pump water from open reservoirs and reservoirs. The maximum depth with which you can pump water with a mechanical pump ranges from 7-10 m. The main disadvantage of using such a device is that the presence of two people is necessary for watering a vegetable garden, one of whom pumps water and the other directly irrigates.

Electric pumps

Electric pumps are divided into submersible (pump for tank) and external, or surface. The surface pump is used to supply water from an open tank of a natural or artificial reservoir. Such a pump is located on the surface, and the barrier is lowered into the water. It can raise water to a height of up to 10 m. If the site is watered from a polluted reservoir, a drainage pump must be used,it has protection from pollution, and some models are equipped with a special impeller, grinding fine debris (eg, leaves). The pump is very convenient for tanks, it can be used to supply water from tanks with a volume of 50 to 200 liters.
There are a lot of modifications of electric pumps for irrigation. It is desirable that the model you choose allows you to adjust the water pressure, the suction elements have filters that prevent pump clogging. Some manufacturers include a variety of nozzles and nozzles to the pump, allowing you to select irrigation modes and methods.

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