Psychology of Diseases


The pharmacological industry is now experiencing the peak of its popularity. Research and development is underway on the invention of drugs and drugs that can nullify all diseases. All developments are based on the root cause of the disease. But people forget that the cause of disease is in the nerves. Many scientists, representatives of traditional and alternative medicine are tirelessly tackling this issue in order to negate the diseases that torment humanity.

Competent opinion

The World Health Organization conducted research, and it has been statistically proven that half of the patients with back problems should be patients of somatic physicians. After all, psychosomatics, psychological and mental problems, become a hotbed of the development of bodily diseases.

The enemies in the human body do not count, these include not only bacteria and viruses, but also other factors:

nervous tension;
conflicts (interpersonal and internal);
mental trauma and constant torment.

Not every person is given mental stability, the ability to suppress negative feelings, the desire and the ability to be distracted, to force problems out of one’s consciousness.Even if he is strong in spirit, there is still such a problem that "knocks" the whole fortress. Other people are fully involved in their experiences, giving them vitality. In any case, the suppression of problems to good does not lead, as well as excessive enthusiasm for them. Problems do not disappear anywhere, but accumulate, “pouring” into physical illnesses.

As a rule, psychosomatics takes place in the case when the disease is not amenable to treatment, even when necessary manipulations are carried out.

It is important to note that psychosomatics is present when the patient is prone to stress, conflict, or other situations that are uncomfortable for him, along with this, the symptoms of the illness become even more pronounced.

What lies in psychology?

When a person is sick, it is peculiar to him to cling to all the "straws" that will help him get rid of the ailment. Mistakenly people believe that there is a medicinal potion, after drinking it can be healed immediately. However, this approach is wrong at the root.

An integrated approach to treatment, namely a responsible approach to treatment, drawing up the correct course of therapy, as well as eliminating the problem in the psychological aspect, will help get rid of the disease and reduce the likelihood of its recurrence in the future.

Psychology of Diseases

The psychological aspect of diseases does not have a common root for all, there are a great many of them. Problems can be classified into the following types:

back disease
the weight
eye diseases
head diseases
children's ailments
breathing system
gastrointestinal problems
women's diseases
inflammation, infection and immunity
circulatory problems
skin rashes
diseases of the urinary system
nervous system disorders
musculoskeletal injuries
inflammation of the mouth
psychiatric disorders
diseases of old age
ear diseases
endocrine problems

Let us consider in more detail some of them and their psychomatics.

Psychosomatic diseases of the back

Diseases of this nature are divided into diseases:

Damage to the skeleton, joints and bones.
Disorders of the spine.
Injuries, inflammation or injury to body parts.
Stretch muscles.
All kinds of fractures, wrong posture.

Joint problems are based on flexibility, pliability and flexibility.

Problems of the spine can be divided on the vertebrae, each vertebra is responsible for their unresolved issues in life.The spine is the support of the human body, also the support of life in man. He reunites the past and the future, along with the present on an energetic level.

Curvature of the spine indicates the inability to follow the support provided by people close to the desire to follow the accustomed course of events and principles.
Osteochondrosis reflects the thirst for profit, this mental stress contributes to the growth of spinal tissues.
Pain in the sacrum testifies to an old anger that is not amenable to eradication.
The coccyx suffers from lack of balance and harmony in itself, excessive persistence, self-flagellation.

Diseases of various parts of the body

If the diseases overtake the hips, which express the vital economy, stability and strength, influence and endurance of a person, then the person has fear. Fear of your own future, namely the determination to go forward. Moreover, a hip fracture speaks of the complexity and severity of a person’s thoughts about the future. The fleshiness of the thighs speaks of the upsetting of one's own vitality.
Standards and foundations of life, implementation and promotion are personified by the shin.
The feeling of confusion, unwillingness or inability to go forward results in muscle cramps.
Inflammation - own slow progress.

Psychology of Diseases

Lower part of the human body

The bottom of the body suffers either from weakening or from overstrain, when the muscles are exhausted in order to chase after the devalued symbols of life.

If the hurt hurt, it means that there was a desire to knock off disturbing students

The knees are the ego. They are responsible for the principles of swimming in life. If an individual has problems with his knees, then:

there is fear and there is no loyalty and flexibility
broken knees indicate that the individual moves along his life path with deception and battle
meniscus damage speaks of intent to outsmart life
swelling of the knee joints speak of sadness of failure
weak knees are hopeless life progress
fractures of the knee tendons are as a result of bouts of anger on everydayness
a damaged calyx speaks of anger at an unsuccessful movement that no one “covers up” and does not approve of.

Human legs are carriers. If a person puts in the head of his life to succeed, it means that his problems with his legs will be comprehended.

Problems in the lower part of the legs speak about the fears of the future time, the ill person has no desire to move. It should be noted that a person who has athletic legs does not want to move forward easily, it is difficult for him to complicate things.

Human fingers, especially on the feet, are a kind of definition of vital details. So, if there is an ingrown nail, then there is also concern about moving forward. If the problems overtake the fingers, then you should pay attention to immediate problems. Those that meet every day, not only at work, but also in everyday life.

Weight problems

Weight problems are different - it is obesity, excessive thinness, the presence of wild appetite or, on the contrary, its absence, cellulite.

In obesity, a person may suffer from hypersensitivity, which is expressed in fear and the need to be protected. Man covers his fear anger, unwillingness to forgive. To correct the picture, it is necessary to stop filling the spiritual emptiness with food, you need to trust yourself, the life process, refrain from negative thoughts.

Lack of appetite symbolizes the denial of personal life, self-hatred, and also the denial of himself.

Excessive appetite speaks of fear and self-defense, distrust of the world, thus, from a feeling of self-hatred.

Hudoba symbolizes dissatisfaction with oneself, one's own insignificance in relation to others, the fear of being rejected.

Head diseases

Heads afflicted with the disease speak of excessive or opposite feelings of jealousy and envy, hatred and resentment.


Systematic headaches speak of an underestimation of personality, self-criticism and a sense of fear. Headaches overtake people who do not prevent the appearance of stress. Constant clamping physically and psychologically generates stress. It is important that a person find contact with his own "I."

Migraines are a sign of hatred of coercion, unwillingness to accept life style, there are fears of a sexual nature, hostile envy, concealing one’s true identity. They comprehend perfectionist people who suffer from excessive irritability.

Angina, throat, breathing

Problems of the respiratory system are no accident.Moreover, the localization of the disease says different underlying causes.

If a person often encounters angina, it means that in life he constantly abstains from words of rudeness, does not express himself properly. He is inherently angry because he does not control the situation.
Asthmatics "grabbed" their illness because of the inability to breathe for themselves, because of the constant feelings of depression, restraint of emotions, sobs.

Such children are afraid of life or do not want to live at all. Diseases of the bronchi occur as a result of the nervous situation in the family, frequent disputes and cries. In this case, it is peculiar to one or several family members to drive into a constant feeling of hopelessness.

Diseases of the throat arise from their own inconsistency, the inability to stand up for themselves. The throat in the human body is responsible for creative energy. Therefore, as soon as a person resists change, he may immediately have problems with his throat.

Gastrointestinal problems

Appendicitis is a fear of life, blocking all good.
If a person is sick with gastritis, it means that the basis of his problem lies in a prolonged uncertainty, impending doom.Such people are prone to excessive irritability and unexpected outbursts of anger.
An unpleasant affliction - hemorrhoids - a problem of the 21st century, hides the fear of separation, uncontrollable anger and suppressed fear. When a person has been or is being subjected to unloved work, work.
Indicator of feelings in the human body is the stomach. He is assigned to react sensitively to problems in life, fears and discontent, hatred both in relation to himself and in relation to others. So if a person is subject to dysfunction of the work of the stomach - he conflicts internally and externally, constantly feels horror and is afraid of the new, poorly perceives novelty.

Psychology of Diseases

Allergy sufferers

Chronic stress, severe stress - and long live allergies. If an individual does not accept something in his life, refuses to agree with something in life, while hiding a protest - such an individual will always be susceptible to allergies. Coercion to unloved occupation, internal disagreement is expressed by allergies. For such a person - allergy as a signal rocket, a symbol of abandoning the unloved occupation, self-abuse.

Unfortunately, the list of diseases, their psychological causes are very large.Care must be taken to your health. And if it was not possible to avoid a problem with him, it is necessary to make every effort to eradicate the illness not only by drinking it with a pill, but also by destroying its psychological background.

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