Pros and cons of the ergometer simulator

The market of sports equipment today offers a wide range of modern simulators, among which elliptical ergometers, devices that take into account cardio load, take pride of place. Many people prefer this orbitrek for training in sports clubs and at home because it is a successful combination of a treadmill and exercise bike, with a gentle load on the joints of the knees and the inclusion of the upper shoulder girdle.

An elliptical ergometer is a state-of-the-art simulator, and it can be found in almost all global brands that produce sports equipment. This is a universal equipment that allows you to achieve a variety of goals comfortably and quickly at home or in the hall.

Historical reference

Sports lovers could get acquainted with the first professional orbitrek at the very end of the last century, and after two years the home version was presented.This hybrid of two popular simulators fell in love with the sports community and fitness enthusiasts, but a year later the first elliptical ergometer from the world leader producing sporting goods, Kettler, appeared.

The CTR1 simulator was able to more accurately control the load, measuring its value in watts, which was immediately demanded not so much by sports as by medicine, in therapy and prevention of many different diseases. Therefore, the first ergometers became medical equipment used exclusively for rehabilitation purposes.

Special features

According to international certification rules, equipment for sports and rehabilitation in the form of an ergometer simulator must meet two mandatory requirements. Firstly, to have a clear unit for determining the load of watts, and secondly, a chest heart rate transmitter to measure the pulse.

This method allows for precise adjustment, helping to avoid body overload, monitor heart rate, and ensure the safety of the training process.

The wide distribution of the simulator allows not only to recover with its help, but also to get the most out of the training without harming your health.It is this quality that attracts users who go to sports complexes and shops to buy an ergometer for the home.

Advantages and disadvantages

The unique properties of the equipment allowed him to win the hearts of adherents of a healthy lifestyle. In every training complex there is a demand for it, and why? Consider the advantages:

  1. An elliptical trajectory for walking allows you to synchronously use all parts of the body in the training process, so the effectiveness of working out each muscular group increases - legs with buttocks and hips, arms with shoulders, chest and back.
  2. In the presence of an elliptical amplitude, the load on the knee and ankle is minimized, since during the movement of the pedals, the condition of the leg is always half-bent, which helps to prevent overloading to the joints.
  3. The movements are performed in two directions back and forth exclusively on this type of simulator, providing an additional opportunity to work out other muscle groups.
  4. And all this is under the control of the device.

It seems that this is a unique equipment that does not have flaws, but it is not. Consider the cons:

  1. Dimensions.Of course, there are different models - more compact and folding, but still it is a fairly large structure, which takes quite a lot of space.
  2. Price. The simulator is much more expensive than other ellipsoids, but this is not surprising, given its capabilities.


Ergometer is included in the group of cardio simulators, therefore, it allows to achieve any results without compromising health, with an increase in the body's aerobic capacity. This means that your body will become more enduring, it will be better to absorb oxygen during physical exertion, supplying them with the muscular system. If you exercise vigorously and regularly, aerobic capacity will increase by twenty or thirty percent, and this is also an excellent simulator:

  • for weight loss;
  • to strengthen the body;
  • for rehabilitation after injuries and illnesses;
  • to increase stamina;
  • to strengthen the cardiovascular and respiratory systems;
  • to improve coordination of movements;
  • to create a slim and beautiful body.

Medical contraindications

Any exercises on the simulators are associated with a certain physical load, ergometer is no exception.Therefore, even in the presence of excellent health, you need to closely monitor your health, immediately stop exercising, if you feel chest pain or headache, felt shortages of air or severe shortness of breath, dizziness, nausea, weakness. Hypertensive patients should always consult a doctor about their capabilities before starting classes. It is contraindicated to use an ergometer in the presence of:

  • severe cardiovascular failure;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • tachycardias and stenocardias;
  • severe diabetes mellitus;
  • oncology.

If you are sick, then workout is better to postpone until full recovery.


How to train on an ergometer? First you need to decide on the time of classes, focusing on their biorhythms. For "larks" the best option is this morning, and for "owls" - the second half of the day. Such an approach will not only be useful, but also pleasant, because training without mood usually does not bring the desired result.

Experts recommend in the morning to begin classes only after a couple of hours after waking up, and in the second stop, for the same time before going to bed.

The criteria for the selection of clothing for classes - lightness, breathability, shoes - a sports model such as running shoes. Training does not occur on a full stomach, so you should wait two hours after eating, and after it is over, you should not try to eat quickly either, it is advisable not to eat for another hour.

Taking medicines, coffee or tea, smoking, is also a reason to postpone the training process for about sixty minutes, and drinking alcohol and training on an ergometer are generally unacceptable. In the process of training, you can use liquid in small quantities, but it is better to simply rinse your mouth if you have a feeling of dryness in the mouth or thirst. It is advised to limit the intake of large amounts of water immediately after the session, waiting for up to half an hour.

Each training begins with an easy warm-up to warm up those muscles that will later be involved in the process. A warm-up consists of squats, bends and exercises for the shoulder girdle. Only then begins the workout itself, which, with the regularity and correctness of its conduct, can allow you to burn five hundred calories per hour.The minimum number of classes is half an hour three times a week. Already such a schedule can bring significant benefits to the body.

The training process should be fun, so it is desirable to create an appropriate atmosphere, eliminating bright solar or artificial (neon, halogen) light, creating a pleasant musical accompaniment.

How much should a pulse be? A good physical preparation is accompanied by a pulse rate of up to eighty percent of the age maximum, calculated using a formula where the age of the trainee is taken away from two hundred and twenty. Weak physical training should have a lower heart rate.

Criterias of choice

How to choose a simulator for home? Of course, it is better to give preference to an ergometer, in which the electromagnetic resistance system and other attractive criteria for purchase:

  • high quality materials and reliable assembly;
  • functionality with practicality;
  • ergonomics and comfort;
  • safety and durability.

This is the most "advanced" version of the cardio simulator, with many programs that monitor your health and control the load.With the help of a computer, the necessary mode is selected for dosing the load, with the cardio sensor determining its degree, contributing to the productivity and safety of the process.

The equipment is powered by the household electricity network and has a modern computer that can be synchronized with other devices.

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