Proper care of azalea

Azalea feels comfortable at a temperature of + 10-15 degrees. In summer, the problem of creating a constant temperature level is particularly acute. That is why in most cases the plant practically does not bloom during this period. On particularly hot days, place the pot with azalea in a shaded place, avoiding sunlight.

The soil should always be wet, but not moist. Otherwise, the root system will rot, and the plant will die. Use soft water for watering. If you allowed the soil to dry out and the azalea began to throw off the leaves and buds, add lemon juice to the water - 10 drops per liter of liquid.

Another important factor influencing the development of azaleas is high humidity. In room conditions it is difficult to maintain it at a certain level. Place moss or small pebbles in a deep pan and cover with water. Put a plant pot on top. In addition, azalea needs daily spraying of the leaves.Moreover, spraying must necessarily be small, as from large stains remain.

For fertilizing, use only special fertilizers designed for azaleas.

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