Poems for February 14

Poems for February 14On Valentine's Day, all lovers want to express their feelings, to make a nice gift or surprise to their lovers. From year to year this day, when the lyrics and romance come to life, still remains something magical. Poems on February 14 are dedicated, as a rule, to the most precious person in life.

Beautiful lyrical messages will make your soul mate feel special or special. Having memorized and read them with an expression in a suitable setting - at dinner, for example - you can make an unforgettable impression and give the holiday even more magic and charm.

There are many wishes in the world
They all do not count.
I just congratulate you,
I love the way it is.
Be always beautiful:
And soul and yourself.
Be all time favorite:
Both in winter and in spring.
Do not bow down,
If there is a problem.
Be happy all the time -
On this day and always.

Poems for February 14 for the girl

Poetry, dedicated to Valentine's Day, includes short or long poems, sometimes with different types of rhymes, and sometimes there can be no rhymes at all, which, however, does not reduce the effect of beautiful and well-chosen words. Very often, it is dedicated to the female half.A short and concise version is perfect for signing a valentine. Beautifully and personally designed, this item will be a great gift that will emphasize your romantic nature.

And like a little miracle
You are in my destiny.
I'll forget myself with you
And all that is, I will give you!

Poems on Valentine's Day for a man

However, a beautiful and touching for the soul of the verse, it is quite possible to choose for men. In this case, it would be good to find words that immediately remind him that he values ​​most in his love and relationships. Here is an example of one of these verses:

February day valentine day
You wanna say love
How much I love you
And I appreciate your kindness.
You always be with me
Warm me with a loving glance,
And every moment is stronger
Love me and be gentle.


Poems for February 14


Poems for February 14 for friends

However, it is pleasant to congratulate not only loved ones from February 14, but also friends or colleagues at work, including those who may have to spend this Valentine's day alone. There are also many beautiful poems for such a case, although, of course,they do not have such a strong expression of feelings, as in those whose lines are dedicated to a loved one. Most likely, these will be just good wishes. However, who would not be happy to hear pleasant words once more?

Congratulations on February 14!
And let this day be radiant,
Will make your dreams come true
I sincerely wish you
Flowers, love and beauty!

Poems on Valentine's Day for the first recognition

Among other things, Valentine's Day can be an excellent opportunity to finally confess your feelings to a person who suddenly suddenly became incredibly important for you, but does not yet know about it.

More beautiful and touching declarations of love read in this article.

On Valentine's Day
I confess to you, I decided
What has long loved you
I need you so much!
Maybe we will get closer?
What can I give you everything.
Together it will be better for us.
I swear, I will not hurt!

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