Plans for February 14 for couples whose “everything is difficult”

Someone more, and some less, we are dependent on each other individuals who seek love as a kind of basic need. And in order to satisfy her, we enter into relationships and marriages, to show with our own example that this fabulous “And they lived happily ever after” still exists. But the rapidly changing society has made its own adjustments in the very concept of "relationship." For better or for worse, the phrase “They are together” today and a hundred years ago means different things. In search of more opportunities in the romantic sphere, we don’t seem to simplify, but complicate our lives, because relationships can have very different interpretations. We decided to list only some of them, and you share your options in the comments.

Standard "near-relationship"

You haven’t reached the status change on Facebook yet, the loud wording “this is my girlfriend / boyfriend” –– didn’t even manage to introduce your parents, but you are actively working on it and make plans for at least a month in advance.All friends already know that you have someone, because you do not hide anything from them and organize joint parties and events.

Plans for February 14?Perhaps the first time to confess to each other that you are together, and certainly not to forget about gifts.

Plans for February 14 for couples whose “everything is difficult”

The Platonic Friend You Have Too Far Already

As a joke, you call each other almost relatives or separated in infancy brother and sister, but your Sunday embrace is certainly not friendly, and besides, you actively use your confidential and sincere communication when you really want sex.

Plans for February 14?To arrange the most real romantic date and at the same time check whether your “best friend” did not manage to get a “real” girl in this convenient situation.

Novel by correspondence

All the existing technologies in the smartphone for communication serve you for romantic purposes - you correspond, share videos, like each other on social networks and make up stories from emoticons. Perhaps, apart from the “profi” level in terms of text flirting, this type of relationship does not bring much benefit, although believing thatthat it will ever grow into something serious (and that he does not correspond with ten more girls at the same time!), no one bothers you.

Plans for February 14?Not to write to him and not to send hearts, but to wait for his reaction on Valentine's Day — congratulations, invitations or even unexpected confessions.

Plans for February 14 for couples whose “everything is difficult”

Seasonal Union of Interest

According to statistics, people often start relationships in the summer: clothes are less for us during this period, more free time is available, as well as all sorts of city events and parties where you can start a new novel. However, in addition to the summer affair, this subspecies of relations can include any “temporary connection” on a geographical basis - they took a vacation, spent winter holidays in their hometown, got a practice in a new job. "Frequency connections" can vary from one passionate night to several weeks.

Plans for February 14?Sit in silence, but on February 23, send him a pleasant and non-trivial congratulation (if of course you are still interested in him!).

Sex buddy

Nowadays, the expression friend with benefits is familiar even to those who do not speak fluent English and are not reputed to be an active conqueror / heart quencher.For some, friendship has become something common and enjoyable, like a massage or going to the movies, and it’s worth insisting that you need to urgently translate all this into a “real” relationship if one of the “players” really in love and sincerely desires it.

Plans for February 14?Arrange passionate sex and once again make sure that in our time, free people can spend Valentine's Day much hotter than many couples and "zhenatiki."
Plans for February 14 for couples whose “everything is difficult”

Dream object in the distance

You know where he works or where he spends a lot of time, and visit there for the purpose of long-term aesthetic pleasure. He may be a colleague from a nearby building, a bartender, and an employee of a bank where you took out a loan, but (important!) You know how they call each other, and do not hesitate to look at each other predatoryly, but the story is not further than “chemistry at a distance” going on.

Plans for February 14?Conduct it all with the same predatory gaze, but perhaps in more sexy clothes.

Your colleague and partner

You have both an office, an accounting report, a taxi after work, and professional humor at lunch.You may have found each other at the university on the same course or you met at the workplace, or maybe you started a joint business and joined forces for the sake of one goal. Most likely, in the company of colleagues, you do not show feelings, so even the “new ones” are sure that you are just very good friends, and not something more.

Plans for February 14?Get out of your comfort zone, and as far as possible from your usual schedule of the day, and arrange yourself a crazy date, as if you are two insanely in love with a teenager.

Plans for February 14 for couples whose “everything is difficult”

"Ghost" lover

He could appear from Tinder, materialize from the circle of friends of your friends or go to "ghosts" from the status of your real boyfriend (let's say so, already ex-boyfriend). Anyway, its magic property is to suddenly appear and disappear, sometimes with a bouquet, sometimes with sms in the middle of the night, sometimes even when you are on a date from Tinder and had time to forget about the "ghost". Why are you still answering his messages and calls? Because sex with him can be compared with a mini-vacation in the Maldives, without getting out of bed.

Plans for February 14?To invite him to yourself first, better in two days or even earlier, and do not forget to attach a piquant signature with a sex script or a seductive photo.

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