Each housewife probably has his own recipe for delicious pizza. Pizza is good because it is quickly prepared, suitable for treating a large company, it can be eaten both hot and cold. All this makes pizza an excellent option for a quick and satisfying dinner, for example, you can take it with you to work as a full snack. In addition, pizza is quite unpretentious in cooking and inexpensive dish. It turns out that the history of pizza has its roots in ancient times. Thin flat cakes with different fillings were eaten by the ancient Greeks. Since then, pizza recipes have only been improved, acquiring new flavors. Thus, what we order in pizzerias is the result of a long culinary evolution of the dish. In the 16th century tomatoes were brought to Europe. Before that, they were not eaten, considering these vegetables to be poisonous. From this point on, the classic Italian pizza recipe originates: a thin flat bread with tomatoes and melted cheese. Since then, thin dough, tomatoes or tomato sauce, as well as cheese - as a rule, this is mozzarella - the main ingredients in all pizza recipes. All other fillings may vary depending on the region and culinary traditions.For a long time, pizza was the food of the poor. On the nobility table, if you believe the legend, this dish came from the light hand of the Italian queen Margherita of Savoy. The royal person liked the pizza so much that it was cooked and served everywhere. And even the traditional type of pizza - Margarita - is named after the monarchy. Such a romantic story is another reason to cook pizza at home. The recipe for homemade pizza, of course, will be different from the classic version. First of all it is connected with the technology of cooking. In Italy, pizza is made from a special mixture of flour, the dough is kneaded by hand using natural yeast and olive oil. Pizza is baked in a wood-burning stove, which is made in a special way: its vault has the shape of a hemisphere. However, pizza is so good that it is a win-win option for a hostess with any level of culinary abilities. In order to get a tasty dish, you do not have to comply with all requirements: you can easily find a simple pizza recipe. Start cooking pizza with kneading dough. Recipes for homemade pizza in this sense are varied: you can use yeast, yeast-free, puff, dough on kefir.As a filling, you can use everything that is in your refrigerator: sausages, boiled meat, seafood, mushrooms, olives, vegetables. By the way, vegetarian pizza, in which there are no animal products, is no less nutritious than the same pizza with ham. If you are cooking pizza for the first time, it makes sense to look for pizza recipes with photos. Experienced housewives will share a detailed photo report at each stage of preparation. Subsequently, you can refine the known recipes, adding or excluding some products. In the end, you will find your signature pizza recipe, which will appeal not only to you, but also to your homemade ones.

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