"Pharmaceutical garden" is preparing a concert for people and plants

The program is designed for complete unity with nature.

The evening performance with the sonorous title “Flower for Flowers” ​​will be held as part of the “Tropical Nights” series. Initially, only the fragrant inhabitants of the largest greenhouse of the Botanical Garden of Moscow State University "Aptekarsky Garden" were planned as listeners. That is, at night, in the complete absence of people, the flowers should have heard the sounds of a grand piano combined with electronic parts. However, the format has changed a bit, and now 200 spectators can attend the evening concert.

Nikolay Melnikov will play this evening. The musician will perform new songs and instrumental tracks from a fresh album. Its output is planned this fall. For almost 4 years the composer was looking for a new sound. As a result, he combined vocals with keyboard music, synthesizers and electronic mix.

By the way, the cost of the ticket included visits to all exhibitions and expositions of the garden. So it is better to come in advance in order to have time to evaluate the natural diversity of the “Pharmaceutical garden”.

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When:August 3 at 21:00.

Where:Botanical Garden of Moscow State University "Aptekarsky Garden" (Prospect Mira, 26, Building 1, Prospekt Mira metro station).

Cost:from 1500 rubles.

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