Perfect in love


Unfortunately, forever and completely dissolve in love during earthly existence is impossible. Such dissolution is possible only periodically. There is another equally important task - to monitor the process of its growth. See what new qualities your relationships with people acquire, what problems arise. Discuss your successes and failures with your support group. And you will see if you become the person you want to become. Judge your growth by results.


Do not forget that love contributes to your growth in all areas of importance to a person - in the spiritual, spiritual, personal, in the area of ​​relationships with people. Love develops and grows in you as you grow - you change, become more humble, take responsibility for your shortcomings, give people your time and your talents, maintain relationships with them. God is always on your side. He is the most important member of your support group.And God greatly appreciates love, puts it above faith and hope: “And now these three abide: faith, hope, love; but the love of them is greater. "


I hope that you felt enthusiasm and a great desire to learn how to love the way God intended. True love, which we have defined - the desire to do good to your neighbor and the fulfillment of this desire - is an integral part of life, the life that is worth living. The fruits of love make our lives richer and more beautiful. True love brings people together at a deep level, makes their communication meaningful. It is the basis of all growth and all change. It is her lack of men and women - without her there is no true romance. It is the main value, the basis and the core of life, the true way of life. When we begin to look at any relationship through the prism of love, they are transformed. In love, you can not be mistaken - no matter how your loved one responded to your actions. Here the most important thing is your desire to love. To love with genuine love.

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