Pampers Cake

Do you want to please young parents with a useful gift that also looks bright and stylish? Then make a cake for them from diapers. Indeed, unlike soft toys that will gather dust on the shelves for a long time, the baby needs diapers every day. It will not take a lot of time or special skills to make a cake, even a beginning needlewoman can make it. /posts/2017-10/medium/1508818104_23.jpg "style =" max-width: 100%; " alt="Gift Cake from Pampers">

Why is a cake from Pampers better than other gifts?

The main advantages of this gift include:
  • The ability to make a cake for any amount. On sale offer baby diapers of various brands, their cost ranges from 7 to 30 rubles apiece. Depending on the budget, choose the number of diapers and brand.
  • The versatility of the gift. It is suitable for boys and girls, such a gift would be appropriate even when congratulating unfamiliar parents.
  • Design, content,the design is chosen independently taking into account the interests of young parents.
  • Inside the cake you can hide pleasant surprises: a bottle of expensive alcohol for dad, a certificate in a beauty salon for mom, a set of clothes for the baby.

What is needed for work?

The most beautiful multi-tiered cake made from diapers is obtained by using products of different sizes. Of the small ones, the upper tiers are performed, the large ones will ensure the stability of the lower ones. On a cake with 3 tiers need 60-70 diapers. It is also necessary to prepare:
  • thick cardboard, colored foil, adhesive tape,
  • stationery, paper and satin ribbons,
  • decorative elements, soft toy for decorating the top of the cake,
  • wrapping film, paper bows, paper napkin,
  • scissors, glue gun.

Cake making sequence

To make this cake, you use the method of folding diapers into tubes. An alternative method is a fan layout. 1. Cut a large circle out of cardboard for a stand for a cake.

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