Original knitted scarf-vest

Knit a stylish vest with knitting needleslooks like a scarf. The vest will warm you and will always help you to be original and stylish.

Materials and tools:

  1. 350 (400/400) grams of yarn (37% wool, 30% viscose, 205 polyamide, 8% angora, 5% cashmere; 150m / 50g);
  2. straight spokes 3.5 and 4 mm;
  3. long circular needles 4 mm.

Pattern Description

Density of knitting:19 p and 26 p = 10x10 cm on the front satin stitch.

24 loops of the pattern with braids will be 9 cm wide.

6 tow loops - 2 cm wide.

Facial smoothness: izn. etc. - a rel. p., persons. etc. - of persons. p.

Wrong surface: faces. n. - izn. R., izn. etc. - of persons. p.

Eraser 2x2 - 2 persons. n., 2 out. p.

Harness (6 loops)

Row 1 (front): individuals. n;

Row 2 (wrong side): izn. n;

Row 3 (front): individuals. n;

Row 4 (wrong side): izn. n;

Row 5 (front side): remove 3 loops on the auxiliary needle, 3 faces. etc., followed by 3 more persons. from an auxiliary spoke.

Row 16 (wrong side): izn. p.

Repeat 1-6 rows.

Pattern with braids (24 loops)

The pattern is knitted according to the scheme, which shows only the front rows. Knit the wrong rows of rows according to the pattern.

This description fits the following sizes: 36/40 (in brackets for 40/42 and 44/46). The size of the finished product in centimeters indicated on the pattern.

Knitting description

On straight knitting needles, we dial 80 loops + 2 edging. We knit a 10 cm elastic 2x2. Finish it is necessary in the purl row, and then add one loop on both sides. A total of 84 loops are produced.

In the next front row, we distribute the loops differently: one edge, two loops on the front satin stitch, two loops on the back satin finish, 24 loops - a pattern with braids, two loops on the satin stitch, two loops on the front satin finish, two loops on the back stitch. Next come 32 loops on the front satin stitch, two loops on the purl stitch, two loops on the front satin stitch, two loops on the purl satin, 6 loops - a harness, two loops on the satin stitch, two loops on the front satin stitch and, finally, one edge trim.

We knit in the prescribed manner 30 cm. We finish it necessary in the purl row. For the next front row, separate the loops.

We perform an armhole. To do this, we knit the first 34 loops, then we attach a new skein of yarn and the next 50 loops we knit from the newly joined skein. That is, both parts must be knit from two skeins at the same time.After 18 (20, 22) cm, cut the thread from one of the skeins and combine the loops of the row. We knit another 34 (39, 44) cm, then again we divide the work into two parts. This is necessary to perform the 2nd armhole. We knit 18 (20, 22) cm from two skeins. Then again we merge the loops of the row. Continue to knit according to the figure above 30 cm. Finish in the purl series. We subtract one loop from each side. 82 loops will turn out. In the next front row, start with a 2x2 rubber band. We knit this way 10 cm = 150 (159, 168) cm. Then we close the hinges according to the pattern.

Finishing armhole. From the front side we lift along the edge of the pattern with braids 32 (36, 40) loops on the spokes of a smaller size. We knit a 3 cm elastic band 2x2. Then sew from the seamy side of the side edges. Do the other armholes in the same way.

Raise the long circular needles 288 (308, 324) loop along the side edge of the main blade. We knit a 7 cm elastic 2x2. On the other hand, we perform gum in the same way.

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