Original and most popular ceiling design ideas

Even if you can’t take it from you to the circle of creative natures, the desire to decorate and revitalize your home, from time to time, arises in every person. Of course, the easiest way is not to fool your head and invite design experts who can design and present possible ideas to your attention, but is it interesting?

You want to “own” a cozy nest with your own hands, achieving exactly the effect that you have always dreamed of - stylish, beautiful and, most importantly, very comfortable! The design of the ceiling is an important part of the complete decoration of the room. It is with his help that usually from an apartment in a five-story building you can make something exclusive, unlike the rest.

From plasterboard

Some 10 years ago, all the design of the ceilings consisted in their plastering and painting, as a result, a huge white canvas that housed a standard chandelier with a pair of lampshades. And this is the best!

At worst - the ceiling could have several drops, which it was very difficult to level with the help of the same plaster, which, over time, could also cause cracks, fall off in pieces!

But all these “horrors” of the Soviet time are in the past, today your ceiling can become a real “highlight” of your home, visually enlarge the space and, at the same time, you have all the colors and shades that best fit into the overall design!

Original varinut

What can you do to design ceilings in your apartment or house? After all, this is really a difficult task, it is worth looking through dozens of photos on the Internet that are ready to introduce you to dozens of non-standard design ideas. Of course, our attention will be attracted by the most unimaginable decisions, but nevertheless you need to know the measure everywhere so that the ceiling does not overload the room.

Today, there are two of the most common ways to finish a ceiling - stretch ceilings and plasterboard ceilings. Both methods allow for a few time to get a brand new and high-quality ceiling, which will be different ideal surface and, if desired, non-standard design.

Photo printing

Color solutions

Considering the fact that we are all more accustomed to the standard white ceiling, we sometimes do not even think about the possibility that the ceiling can be any, even black. Do not be surprised, all the frameworks can be limited only by your imagination and desire, and through the efforts of progress, which covers all branches of our life, any dreams come true.

It is important to remember that the overall impression of the repair will depend on the color scheme of the room, and even more so on the ceiling, especially if it is made in color.

Original colors

For example, if you select colors for a living room, kitchen or study, then rich and deep shades of the ceiling are suitable, which must be combined with furniture or the rest of the decor.

But for a bedroom or a nursery, it is better to choose soft and pastel shades that allow you to relax and rest, too bright colors excite the psyche, so they are not advised to be used in rooms designed for relaxation. If in your apartment there are no such number of rooms, then in this case the room has to be zoned.

It is not necessary for this to build any partitions or hang screens - all this can be done with the help of the ceiling, which is divided into separate zones with the help of color.

LED strip and recessed lights

Today, plasterboard designs allow you to create any miracles with the rooms - the ceilings, with their help, can be suspended, both in one level, and in two or even four, it all depends on your desire. So that such “steps” do not just hang over their heads, but also carry some kind of function, they build in spot lighting, which, again, helps to divide the room into certain zones.

For example, in your apartment there is only one hall, which performs both the function of a living room and the function of a study. In order to isolate a computer desk with bookshelves in a separate area, we will erect a separate tier of gypsum cardboard over it, into which we will insert a couple of lamps. Thus, you get a separate area for work and a separate area for relaxation with friends.

Lots of light bulbs

In the same way, allocate parts of the kitchen or nursery, smashing the room with the help of ceiling levels and lighting.By the way, the cosmic sky on the ceiling looks very original, which can also be made by means of drywall and stretch ceilings. To create a special effect during the installation process, decorative panels with stars are used, as well as LED lights.

If you decide to decorate a room using a stretch ceiling, then you may come to taste pearl ceiling panels that harmoniously fit into different styles of the room, for example, minimalism, high-tech and others. Due to the reflective abilities of such a canvas, to create specific lighting effects, they use luminous LED cords, which are hidden under the stretched film.

Painting and photo printing

Another interesting variant of the ceiling decoration is painting it with paint or using photo printing. The main thing is that when selecting a drawing for the ceiling, before printing it is important to ensure its good resolution, so that in the finished version it looks good and rich.


If you do not have enough creative abilities to portray the desired, you can use pre-made stencils.It is important to note that photo printing on the stretch canvas is not suitable for small rooms with low ceilings, since the effect may worsen the real state of affairs.

Use of stucco

If you are supporter of classical music, it is possible that you will have to taste the ceiling decoration in the form of moldings, which are inherent in the Empire style. Traditional classics are mixed with modern ideas, resulting in interesting and truly unique rooms.


In addition, the elements of stucco can help hide unnecessary irregularities and flaws in the surface of the ceiling, however, it is important to remember that this finish is not suitable for all design styles.

Figured ceiling

As we have said, with the help of drywall, you can create multi-level ceilings, but this is not the only thing that will fit the material. Extraordinary and creative people prefer curly and multi-level ceilings, which can take the most fancy and non-standard forms, be decorated with other finishing materials, and also, in tandem with lamps of different colors, are able to create real works of art!

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