Openwork skirt with needles

We knit a light and beautifulopenwork skirt with needles.

Materials and tools:

  1. yarn (100% cotton, 50 g / 100 m) 9-9-10-11-12-13 hanks;
  2. Circles 4 mm;
  3. gum length 66-110 cm.



Pattern Description

Density of knitting:21 loops and 28 rows = 10x10 cm of the front satin stitch.

Knitting description

Note: all the rows are shown on the pattern diagrams.

Openwork strip:

1 circle: persons. loops;

2 circle: out. loops;

3 circle: * 1 nakid, 2 loops together persons., we repeat from * in a circle;

4 circle: persons. loops;

5 circle: out. loops;

6-7 circles: faces. loops.

How to do a decrease: we perform a decrease on the right and left side of each section with 2 garter stitch loops = 17-18-20-22-23-25 ​​times per circle.

Before the loops we knit 2 loops together with the front one, after the loops we remove 1 loop as a face., 1 person. and drag it through the removed.

We knit the skirt in a circle from the bottom up.

We type 323-340-374-408-442-476 loops and knit according to the pattern of pattern A.1 on all the loops, repeating the rapport 19-20-22-26-26-28-28 in one circle.After the last round of the pattern on the needles 285-300-330-360-390-420 loops. Next, we knit according to the scheme A.2, on the spokes 247-260-286-312-338-364 loops. Further, according to scheme A.3, on the needles 209-220-242-264-286-308 loops. Further, according to scheme A.4, repeating the vertices. rapport 2 times, skirt height = 20 cm.

We execute the lace strip (see the description above) and at the same time in the 6th circle of the pattern, we evenly subtract the 1-4-2-0-6-4 loop = 208-216-240-264-280-304 loops. We continue knitting in accordance with scheme A.5, repeating the rapport 26-27-30-33-35-38 times in one round.

Note: at the beginning of the 5th circle we knit the first loop of the first rapport with the front surface, at the end of the row we knit the last loop of the last rapport from the first loop of the first rapport, thus it turns out that the last loop of the circle has moved to the beginning of the 6th circle. Next in the 7th circle we continue knitting according to the pattern of the pattern A.5.

We repeat the vert. rapport of the pattern 3 times = 36 cm. We perform one more lace strip and at the same time in the 6th circle we evenly subtract 4-0-0-0-4-4 loops = 204-216-240-264-276-300 loops.

We continue knitting as follows: 5 stitches with the front surface, 2 loops with handkerchief knitting, * 10 loops with the front surface, 2 loops with handkerchief knitting, repeat from * in a circle and finish with 5 loops facing the face. We continue knitting according to the pattern and after 1-1-1-1-9-10 cm from the first circle we perform a reduction circle (seedescription above), we repeat the decrease circle every 8-9-10-12-9-10 cm only 3-3-3-3-2-2 times = 153-162-180-198-230-250 loops. Continue knitting on the pattern to a height of 58-60-62-64-66-68 cm from the typing edge and then knit 2 cm of the front face on all the hinges, at the same time in the last. circle evenly reduce 10 loops. Further we carry out 1 circle from. and again knit 2 cm facial satin.

Close all free loops.

We tuck the upper 2 cm of the skirt along the purl line and sew, leaving space for the elastic to be inserted. We stretch the elastic band in the belt of the skirt.

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