One room apartment - we use space to the maximum

Many complain about the lack of space in the room. But even a one-room apartment can be arranged so that it will be comfortable, nice and even spacious. And how to do it?

Get rid of all unnecessary

There should be nothing superfluous in your apartment, so it’s better to throw out the trash right away, it will “eat up” precious quadrant meters, of which there are not too many. And what to do with things that are not constantly in use, but still sometimes necessary and may be required at any time?

Main approach

You cannot allow yourself a storage room, but if you have a balcony or a loggia, then you may be lucky. But do not clutter up the balcony, do not dump everything on it in a heap! Put a small locker there and put everything in it.

We divide the apartment into zones

If you have only one room, then you need to fit at least a bedroom and a living room. And if you have a child, then a child is needed.But how to do that? There are several possible options. Consider each of them in more detail.

  • Partitions. This is the most obvious and easiest way. If you plan to make a two-piece out of your odnushki, then you can make an additional capital wall. Of course, it is long and difficult, but the question will be solved once and for all. If you are afraid of such changes, then make it easier and make a plasterboard partition. It is easier and easier to install, but it will perform its function. If the room is not so large that it can be divided, but you still want to hide a sleeping place or a children's area from extra eyes, then you can equip a screen or a curtain. In addition, in the shops you can find a variety of ready-made partitions from virtually any material. They are not so bulky and can move apart and fold, which is very convenient.
  • The second option is to make a niche or a podium. For example, your bed can be located on an elevation. The rest of the space will be occupied by the living area. This, of course, is not as easy as we would like, but this solution will help not to touch the space and not to “steal” square meters and at the same time divide the room into zones and feel comfortable and cozy.
  • Another solution is color zoning.This method, perhaps, is the simplest and least expensive. Just plan the location of the zones and arrange each in a certain tone. But such a separation must necessarily affect the floor and ceiling, otherwise it will not work.

These are some zoning ideas, go ahead.

Finish: colors

A very important role in the interior is played by the decoration of the room, namely colors. Firstly, dark tones visually reduce the room and, of course, make it darker, and in a one-room apartment this is simply not acceptable.

Simple design

But light shades help to expand the space and make the room more light, this option is more preferable. Secondly, any psychologist will tell you that certain shades are able to influence not only the mood, but also the psyche.

Some tips:

  • The sleeping area is better to arrange in light and soothing colors. Suitable, for example, blue, lilac, green, as well as pastel peach and beige.
  • Children's area can be made bright. Choose calm shades of yellow, coral, light green.
  • The living area should be fresh and at the same time cozy.Here you can use shades of blue, turquoise, purple, brown, beige and other colors.
  • Let the walls, ceilings and floor of the room be a kind of background, and the furniture and decorative elements will play the role of accents. Make sure the background is light, and let the furniture be darker.
  • Do not overload the space with flowers, this will visually reduce the room and weight it. It is better to choose two or three colors and use them. You can also choose different shades of the same color. In addition, all tones must be combined!
  • Do not use a single color when making, it will inevitably bother you. Be sure to dilute it with other tones.
  • The walls and ceiling must be light, but the floor can be made darker.

Now a little about the drawings and patterns. Of course, you can create a design from one-colored parts, it is concise and stylish. But still, sometimes you want something unusual. Useful recommendations:

  • If one of the walls is free, cover it with photo wallpapers, for example, with the image of the seashore.
  • Colorful patterns will "steal" square meters.
  • Large and numerous drawings can get bored and will put pressure on the psyche.
  • Avoid too bright patterns, they should be unobtrusive.
  • A vertical strip will help to visually “lift” the ceilings, and a horizontal one will “stretch” the room.

Before you decide on colors finally, study the photo and listen to your feelings.


More mirrors

To equip the interior of a one-room apartment, like any other, will not work without lighting. And what should be the lighting in "odnushku"? Here are some important points:

  • Light in a small room or apartment does not happen much, remember this. So the lighting should not just be sufficient, it should be a lot.
  • From massive lamps and chandeliers (especially hanging) will have to be abandoned, they will "steal" the space. If you can not do without a chandelier, then it should be located directly under the ceiling. By the way, in each zone there can be a separate chandelier.
  • Wall lamps should also be adjacent to the wall, and not stand out against the general background.
  • Ideal - spotlights around the perimeter of the room. If the ceilings are high, then you can build a structure with built-in lighting fixtures. It can be either suspended or suspended ceiling.
  • The light should be warm and bright, so as not to create the feeling of a hospital ward.
  • Place a night light near the crib, and put a desk lamp on the desktop (if available).

Choice of furniture

Ideal for a girl

Furniture plays a very important role. Immediately it should be noted that massive items will have to be abandoned, they will clutter the room.

Here's what you should pay attention to:

  1. You can choose corner furniture. As a rule, corners are not actively used in everyday life, so there you can put a sofa, a closet or something else.
  2. Pay attention to the built-in furniture that will not clutter the space and make the room complete.
  3. Sliding elements and various pieces of furniture with the transformation function are also very convenient. For example, a coffee table or nightstand can be transformed and transformed into a full-fledged table, which accommodates all the guests. And the bed can be pushed into the closet. If you can refuse a bed, get a folding sofa.
  4. Pay attention to ergonomics and functionality. For example, a bed should certainly have hidden drawers that will store laundry.
  5. Do not make the room furniture, it should not be too much.

Little things

Responsibly approach the case

Pay attention to some details:

  • Mirrors diffuse the light and increase the room.
  • Give up heavy curtains, light translucent curtains are enough. Blinds can be used.
  • Glass and metal surfaces will also “give” a couple of extra meters.
  • Do not hang walls with paintings. Enough for one big and full.
  • Do not force the shelves with statues, a few will be enough.

Let your studio apartment be spacious and cozy!

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